Who has your six?

Who has your six?

‘In the army they have a phrase ‘who has your six’ which means who has your back. It’s because 12 o’clock is front and 6 o’clock is back. This is important in the army where your job is literally life and death and you need to have complete trust in those around you.

It is so important to seek out people who ‘have your six’ in life. You probably have family that do this automatically, but there are many ways to find and have people that have your back. Some of them may be friends, your partner or your work buddies. People you can trust and turn to when life gets messy or you need a pep talk.

But what humans often forget is that we are all in this together. ‘We’ is far more powerful than ‘I’.  When we combine forces with another person or other people we create a whole new energy, a new force that can achieve more.

Ideas with knobs on

Think about it. You have ideas which when you can  share with trusted people and they add their ideas, you then have ideas with knobs on.

But supporting another person gives you something too. Helping other people is one of the key contributors to making you happy. It give a lasting feeling of contribution and satisfaction. What could be more rewarding than making a positive difference to someone else’s life?

We’ve all heard of:

  • The teacher that spotted the talent in the child
  • The adult that saw that a child was having a tough time and helped them
  • That person who totally changed someone’s life
  • The well connected person that spotted a quiet talent
  • The kind person that saved someone’s life



I recently saw a facebook post from someone who was having a tough time and put a very raw and personal message out. What happened as a result  was a fundraising campaign to help him to give his kids a good Christmas. He was given thousands of pounds which must have been a great help. But I bet that feeling he had of all the love & support and people that care was PRICELESS.

One excellent way to have someone’s six is mentoring. The Aspire Foundation offers the opportunity to mentor women around the world. I’ve mentored people for about 15 years and love using my coaching skills to help them.


Quick review of yesterday’s list:

Yesterday you wrote a list of things of things you felt stressed about so you could understand what the stress was a symptom of.  How did that work out for you? Any surprises? Don’t forget I can help you with both the root causes and symptoms of stress.


Your fifth list:

The fifth list you are going to write is your ‘people who have my six’ list. Make a list of all the people through the course of your life that have had your six.  You will be amazed how many people cared about you, inspired you, helped you or supported you. This is a lovely list to make.

If your list is short or you find it difficult to write, don’t worry. Sometimes we haven’t met the right people yet. You can do this differently. You can write a list of the things you would like help or support with. Or the qualities that your ‘sixer’ would have. This will work in a law of attraction style to help shape the things you think you need.

Lastly, if you don’t have a sixer, be a sixer. Support others and feel how good it feels.


I got your six

Oh by the way, if you are one of my clients, I have your six. I will support you in making any changes you need to. That’s a promise 🙂

See you tomorrow.



Why would a Worthing based Hypnotherapist that usually helps people with stop smoking, anxiety, weight loss, stress and depression blog about lists?

This is a great question 🙂 I use a blend of therapies to help my clients including Hypnotherapy, NLP, tapping, Reiki and life coaching. I work at a deep level with my specialism of depression. I use different techniques to suit each individual because people are so different.

Words have such power and often come from our subconscious. Writing things down and labelling things with words can really help us shift the past and get excited about the future. This means we are healing, growing and goal setting all at the same time 🙂

The power of words never ceases to amaze me. Kind words can change lives, giving words to our thoughts and feelings can help us understand ourselves, changing the words that we thought were true can create new possibilities. Words can connect us to ourselves and to others.


Honey Lansdowne is a successful Hypnotherapist in Worthing. She uses Hypnosis, NLP and 20 years coaching experience to help people overcome anxiety and depression in person and online.

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