Self-help videos

Here you will find a few self-help videos you can watch to help you feel less anxious, more positive or more relaxed. 

You might find the odd one about self discovery, hypnosis, nlp or personal development too 🙂


Somatic exercises to calm your nervous system

Your nervous system is an amazing and complex syste in your body. It works 24/7 to process your external and internal life. It passes messages throughout your body continuously to keep everything in the body informed and operational. When you are under pressure, have experienced trauma, or have anxious and sad throughts and feelings, calming your nervous sytem with these simple exercises can be very helpful. 

Mindfulness exercises to help you calm anxious thoughts and feelings

These short but powerful mindfulness exercises will help you find some space and calm in your mind. Best done in a quiet place, where you can settle and won’t be disturbed. Just allow yourself some time for you and reap the benefits.

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I am here for you and I can help

I help women to understand themselves more, overcome negative thinking and enjoy life as themselves. 

Imagine for a moment what it would actually be like to sleep really well, worry less and just feel ‘normal’. That is within your grasp, with my tried and tested 4 hour programmes.

If your serious about changing yourself as a person or altering a certain mind set for the better, Honey Lansdowne is the go to person. She has helped me build my mental strength up especially going through harder times making it much more durable to cope with. I also now believe that I work harder and push myself to be a more successful individual.

Nikolett Young

Honey genuinely tries to help her clients and she’s got the client’s best interest at heart. I went to see Honey as I went through a phase of constant worrying. She helped me a lot to regain my confidence and to believe in myself.

Josephine Sharples

Honey totally put me at my ease and I was able to fully relax. In addition to the hypnosis I’ve been given a whole range of tools as part of my ‘maintenance pack’ to use at home on a daily basis and others for emergency use if I’m having a wobble, or a particularly stressful day. Honey is very down to earth, genuine and really cares about supporting her clients. Not only that but she also explains everything really well too, so you can understand how it works. I’d definitely recommend Honey. I felt totally comfortable and very safe with her.

Julie Shepherd


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