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Treatment for depression in Worthing, West Sussex or online

How Long Have You Needed Treatment for Depression?

Depression can stop you going out, affect your relationships and make you feel less ‘you’. Many people suffering from depression are prescribed medication and can stay on medication for many years or even permanently.

But if you have ever googled ‘treatment for depression’, will have seen a host of responses which make you wonder what the best treatment for you is. The result of that confusion is not doing anything and staying stuck with those symptoms of depression.

Hypnosis is a safe, effective way of treating depressive thoughts and feelings. It works directly with your mind to let go of depressed thoughts and bring about a more positive mindset.

Hypnosis can lift depression and bring about a brighter life without medication.

I treat many clients who are looking for help with depression online. It’s a very easy, comfortable way to get help when you are not feeling up to travelling to a therapy session.

The things clients say after their depression treatment sessions:

  1. ‘I never realised how much control I could have over my depression’
  2. ‘I wish I had done something about this sooner’

I use the word ‘depressed’ in a light sense here because it’s what people say when they don’t feel ok. But of course there are varying degrees of depression.

Some people dip in and out of depression over the course of their lives and others maybe have it once or twice. People who never feel depressed in their life are the exception.

When I work with clients to ‘remove’ or reduce their depression,  these tend to be the root cause of the depression:

  1. Emotional pain
  2. Stuck in a situation that doesn’t feel right
  3. Addiction
  4. Lack of self-esteem
  5. Feeling unfulfilled
  6. Childhood trauma
  7. Relationship issues
  8. Feeling lost
  9. Physicall illness or pain
  10. Not feeling ‘good enough’


Depression can be lifted in Hypnosis using the power of your own mind.

Root causes can be healed and changed. With these things out the way; a new life emerges. A life that is possible, ‘doable’ and enjoyable.

The more you think about hating your life, the more you create a pathway in your brain to that belief. And that belief becomes like a magnet that attracts other negative thoughts and make things seem worse. Sometimes thoughts that you have about your life are because of your past.

When you have negative feelings about yourself you are more likely to be sensitive to other people’s negativity and this might affect you.

When I work with clients we focus on the centre of them as a person. The things that make them stronger and I teach them how to protect themselves from negativity.

The good news is that you can retrain your brain into thinking more positively and make positive thinking the stronger pathway in your brain and a more automatic route for your brain to take in the future.


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