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Treatment For Anxiety In Worthing And Online

Are you looking for a treatment for anxiety?

Some common ‘strategies’ you might be using to cover your symptoms of anxiety might be:

  • Accepting invites to social occasions and then coming up with an excuse at the time of the event so you don’t have to go
  • Not accepting invitations to anything
  • Wearing clothing to hide sweat, rashes and other physical symptoms
  • Not putting yourself in a situation where they are ‘visible’, such as presentations at work
  • Not making close physical contact with people in case anyone notices your sweaty palms or body
  • Not engaging in conversations in case you let it slip in some way that you have anxiety
  • Avoiding enclosed spaces
  • Knowing where toilets are and planning around toilets

I help people on a regular basis to overcome their anxiety in Worthing, West Sussex and online. I provide a tried and tested 4 hour treatment which works and provides permanent relief from the anxious thoughts and feelings.


These anxious behaviours are tiring.

You may find it exhausting. It’s almost like an anxiety about the anxiety.

When you are always thinking ahead ‘just in case’ you are also missing out on living in the present moment. Something that increases relaxation, happiness and quality of life.

Can you see how anxiety and hiding your symptoms of anxiety are both placed in the future which uses a lot of your energy thinking about things that haven’t yet and might never happen. That uses energy you don’t need to use! Energy you could use to enjoy your life now.

It’s completely understandable why you might want to hide your anxiety symptoms, but there really is no shame in anxiety. It can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME and it is completely treatable.

You have nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about, I offer a confidential and supportive treatment which works. Take the first step and get in touch.

It’s not as simple as just saying don’t be anxious….

Anxiety feels very real, but it’s actually your thoughts creating it which gives you anxious feelings.

As a Hypnotherapist who helps a lot of people overcome anxiety, I can assure you that you can overcome your anxiety. You can change your anxious thoughts and maintain your new way of life.  

You will feel like a new person once to learn a few techniques to help you feel better straight away and we work together to remove the root cause of the anxiety. People are often surprised at how effective Hypnosis is and the first step is to book a call and let’s talk about your path to freedom anda better life.

Get help for anxiety and panic attacks

You DO NOT need to live with panic, worry, dread or fear anymore. Or hide it

We can work together in Worthing, West Sussex or on online to relieve your symptons of anxiety and give you your life back.  Take the first step now and let’s chat.


If you need help right now

I realise that it might be out of working hours, but you need help right now so I offer Hypnosis downloads which you can buy and download for immediate relief. I recommend ‘Calm Me’ which you can buy here 

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