The nurture list for busy women

The nurture list for busy women

We hear it a lot us busy women. Learn to relax. Take care of you first so you can care for others. Have a nice bubble bath with candles and you will feel brand new.

Now I am not saying that bubble baths aren’t lovely. They can be. But I consider them to be quite lightweight in the true sense of self-nurturing.

Self-nurturing is doing things that feed your body well, interest or relax your mind or connect you socially. Or disconnect you socially! True self-nurturing is doing things that make your eyes light up or ignite or care for your spirit. Also relaxing and seeing worries drift away.


So what is nurturing yourself?

Nurturing yourself might be:

  • Putting yourself in a cocoon of blankets and hibernating quietly
  • Taking a chunk of time to read
  • Making a delicious known or new recipe
  • Doing some exercise
  • Reading magazines
  • Doing something sensual
  • Exploring a new hobby
  • Taking a walk
  • Getting out in nature
  • Meditating
  • Seeking out a new holistic treatment
  • Looking at holiday destinations
  • Learning something
  • Go to the cinema alone
  • Sleep


Some of my Hypnotherapy clients come to be nurtured. They enjoy the relaxing feelings that Hypnotherapy brings. The true sense of inner calm. Almost like a floating escape. The effects of a Hypnotherapy relaxation session can last for days. With 4  sessions you can have the effects for a lifetime as your calm ‘muscle’ will be well and truly flexed, reducing stress and anxiety for good.

Quick review of yesterday’s list:

Yesterday you wrote a list of people who have your six or your desired qualities for your ‘sixer’ to have. Did it surprise you how many people have had or do have your six? Or are you looking forward to getting some sixers in your life?


Your sixth list:

The sixth list you are going to write is your ‘ways to nuture myself’ list. Make a list of all the ways that you can nurture yourself, no matter how small or big. This is a list that you can reference back to when you feel you need some self love and care.


Share your list!

If you are comfortable to, please share your list in the comments. Think of all the great ways we could self nurture if we shared 🙂

See you tomorrow.



Why would a Worthing based Hypnotherapist that usually helps people with stop smoking, anxiety, weight loss, stress and depression blog about lists?

This is a great question 🙂 I use a blend of therapies to help my clients including Hypnotherapy, NLP, tapping, Reiki and life coaching. I work at a deep level with my specialism of depression. I use different techniques to suit each individual because people are so different.

Words have such power and often come from our subconscious. Writing things down and labelling things with words can really help us shift the past and get excited about the future. This means we are healing, growing and goal setting all at the same time 🙂

The power of words never ceases to amaze me. Kind words can change lives, giving words to our thoughts and feelings can help us understand ourselves, changing the words that we thought were true can create new possibilities. Words can connect us to ourselves and to others.


Honey Lansdowne is a successful Hypnotherapist in Worthing. She uses Hypnosis, NLP and 20 years coaching experience to help people overcome anxiety and depression in person and online.

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    The Facebook title who has your six, drew me into this blog Honey. make sure you have your six covered is a military saying that i’m well acquaintedwith. It basically means who has your back

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