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Blogging challenge warm up

Blogging challenge warm up

When you go to a gym you always warm up don’t you. It makes sense, gets your body moving gently, warms up your muscles and opens your lungs. Ready for action! So I thought it made sense to warm up for my 30 day blogging challenge which starts today – yay!

Warm up your mindset

For the blogging challenge, just like any other challenge, you have to get your head in the game. These blogs aren’t going to write themselves! As I’ve done it twice before I have learnt lessons in the past that I am hoping not to repeat. That’s the beauty of making mistakes in life isn’t it; we learn from them and they make us better. Unless of course we refuse to accept the lessons we are offered and don’t change, then we stay stuck and repeat the same mistakes.

Some of the qualities you need to complete a blogging challenge are the same as you would need for a physical challenge, learning a new skill or achieving something challenging such as a degree. Things like:

  • Planning
  • Preperation
  • Inspiration
  • Commitment
  • Hard work
  • Focus
  • Creativity
  • Discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Purpose
  • Goals
  • Time
  • Support
  • Passion
  • Grit

Now I’ve just realised that you might not know me and might have stumbled across this blog by accident, so let me introduce myself! I’m Honey Lansdowne, based in West Sussex, UK. My whole life I have been fascinated with self-improvement, people and maximising the power of the mind. In my Corporate life I was always the first one to put my hand up for a new challenge or training course. I spent many years sharing that learning with teams I managed and developed many high performers and top teams.

Eventually, I couldn’t resist any longer and took a NLP Practitioner course. Since then I have been pretty much obsessed with learning everything I can which will help others. I run a succesfull Hypnotherapy practice and specialise in helping people with depression and what I call ‘work of the self’.

I’m quite well qualified on the ‘mindset’ front and find it pretty easy to motivate myself, but that’s not all that’s involved in a blogging challenge…..

Warm up your creativity


To create interesting blogs that will be of value to your readers you need to get creative! Creativity is a muscle just like your physical muscles. I don’t believe there is any such thing as someone who is ‘not creative’. It depends what your definition of creativity is. We only judge ourselves in line with our own map of the world, so if your definition of creative is someone arty or someone that writes and you don’t consider yourself good at those things then you think you are not creative. BUT…

  • Are you a whizz in the kitchen?
  • Do you make up silly songs for your kids?
  • Do you wear outfits that people say ‘wow’ at?
  • Is your interior design on point?
  • Can you dance?
  • Do you make little videos for instagram?
  • Can you generate money when you have none?
  • Can you calm a difficult child?

These are all examples of creativity. We all have it but maybe don’t recognise it as creativity. Maybe you’ve told yourself  ‘I can’t write’ or ‘I can’t draw’. You have created your own limiting belief when the truth is that if you tried it and practice it, you might be really good at it!

And for you logical and analytical thinkers out there who are more inclined to say you are not creative, there are some good examples here of creativity in the workplace:

  • Brainstorming ways to cut energy use
  • Coming up with new procedures to improve quality
  • Constructing a research model to test a hypothesis
  • Creating the packaging for a product
  • Designing a logo
  • Developing a litigation strategy to defend a client
  • Devising a computer program to automate the billing process
  • Devising a social media strategy for the new iPhone
  • Identifying ways to cut costs during a budget crisis
  • Redefining job responsibilities to cover for a sick employee
  • Restructuring a filing system to facilitate easier retrieval of information


Warm up your support

I’m doing my 30 day blogging challenge under the clever/caring/inspiring eyes of The Arrows. That’s Sarah and Kevin Arrow (who are 2 of my favourite people!). Not only are they experts in their field, but they are 2 of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. They have amazing energy and you need some of that if you are doing a blogging challenge!

There are also some amazing fellow bloggers doing the challenge in October and I will be sharing some of their best posts over the next 30 days (because I love reading other people’s blogs and getting an insight into their world).

Warm up your audience

That’s you! If you are reading this you are now part of my audience and I aim to open your mind, engage you (yes that means comments on my blogs and sharing on Facebook pretty please) and show you things that I find interesting in the hope that you will too!

Some of the topics I will be covering:

  • Hypnosis
  • Psy-TaP
  • NLP
  • The way I work with clients
  • How I help clients have better lives
  • Modern women
  • Modern man
  • Teenagers
  • Mindset
  • Confidence
  • Emotional healing
  • Weight loss
  • Health
  • Sugar
  • Book reviews

So something for everyone with a mind 🙂

Mindfully yours.


p.s. If you need help now with depression, anxiety, stress, stop smoking, weight loss, a phobia, addiction or need emotional healing, please get in touch.

Are you healthy eating?

healthy veg

Are you healthy eating?

We are physical, mental and spiritual beings and it’s nice to nourish all these parts of ourselves but often we drop the ball on one or more and end up not feeling good about it. When we drop the ball on not eating healthily we may feel it in our energy levels and by gaining weight.

For the month of September in my blog I will be focusing our physical being in a series of blogs about healthy eating. We will hear from a wide range of people including people that are eating to heal health issues, increase their energy, lose weight, maintain weight loss or just to feel fantastic.

The way we fuel our bodies can make an incredible difference to how we feel, how much energy we have, our skin, our eyes, sleep, exercise, happiness. In fact nearly everything. So by focusing on healthy eating we can make sure our bodies are nourished to best serve us. If we love our bodies they love us back. 

Why can it be so hard to maintain healthy eating?


But why is it so hard to maintain a healthy diet for so many people? Have you ever had a stint of healthy eating and noticed the benefits only to slip back into unhealthy ways, tempted by sugar, fat and salt or the ‘easy option’? Maybe you put on more weight than you lost or just couldn’t get into the healthy eating flow.

This is the part that really interests me as a Hypnotherapist. Mindset is everything and it particularly comes into play with eating. It’s 2016; most people know that vegetables are good for you and things that rustle before you eat them are not! But that doesn’t stop us gorging ourselves on ‘treats’. When it fact they are not ‘treats’ at all. They may taste nice for the short time they are in your mouth but after that they are not nice to your body.

When we think about ‘treating’ ourselves we should actually be thinking that eating something nutritious is the treat!

Which of these can you relate to? Are you:

  • Putting on more and more weight
  • Suffering with low energy some of all of the time
  • Using sugar to give yourself an energy boost
  • Wishing you had better digestion
  • Feeling like your eating is out of control
  • Looking for inspiration for meal planning
  • Wanting to change your mindset around food and eating
  • Trying to find your ‘why’ to eat a healthier diet
  • Ready to make a change to your diet

Key factors in healthy eating



There are several key factors in maintain healthy eating:
Planning what you are going to eat
Understanding your why
Mindset to be consistent
Preparing food                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Knowing what to eat
Information to keep things interesting
New benefits to you

And yes, that spells pumpkin (Would have been a great October blog series!)

Let us inspire you in September

So come with us on a journey of better health and inspiration in September. You will learn people’s why for healthy eating, what they eat and I will be here to help you have amore positive mindset around the fuel that you put in your body. We will hear from both everyday people and experts/professionals to provide a really balanced view.

This is a free series which I hope you like. And it would be great if you could let me (and my guest bloggers) know if you like it by commenting on the blogs, liking the Facebook posts and sharing it as much as possible. It’s great to share this kind of content as it really could help or inspire someone.

If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of any of my blogs here. Subscribers get newsletters, a free relaxing download and special offers.

Can’t wait to get started. See you soon!

Healthy hug 🙂