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30 days to a happier you – Day 28 – 7 things that will affect your energy

30 days to a happier you – Day 28 – 7 things that will affect your energy

7 things that will affect your energy

human energy

I hope you enjoyed the past five days of guest bloggers talking about how exercise (Anthony Punshon), food (Katie Hedges), spiritual (Susan Ellis-Saller), art (Justine Van De Weg) and uncertainty (Dawn Breslin) affect your happiness.

But you will find it hard to be happy without energy. We are energy beings. There are some key things that will drain your energy like poor diet, lack of exercise or emotional turmoil but what about the less obvious ones?

1 – Thinking about the past

If you live to 80 years old you will have 29,200 days of life. How many will you spend thinking about things that happened in the past? Of course it’s not always possible to just stop thinking about the past by yourself so you may need to get professional help. I’m a Hypnotherapist and NLP Master practitioner which means I change the way the past feels for people by making changes in the subconscious. This is a big topic and I have a blog on it here

2 – Thinking of the things you can’t do rather than the things you can

You might wish you were good at something or had certain opportunities but when you look at the things you can’t do you drain your energy from the things you can. So if you don’t have the money to go on a certain trip, create a different trip that you can afford. If you can’t run a 5k, walk one or build up to one. Focusing on the can, rather than the can’t feeds your energy (and confidence).

3 – Disliking your body

How often do you look down at your belly and think you are fat or it is gross? That belly is working hard for you on the inside! The digestive system is amazing! Often referred to as the second brain. Try nourishing it with probiotics and see how great you feel. Some things are functional and don’t look pretty! So your legs are wobbly but aren’t they the same legs that carry you up the stairs to be the tooth fairy and down the stairs to be Santa?

4 – Not discovering new things

dog swimming

Can you imagine a dog that was kept in a dog cage and never went to the park, sniffed trees, met other dogs, ran for a stick, jumped in a lake, followed a scent, ran free in the grass, made doggy friends, chased a cat, ate something he shouldn’t, dug a hole, got made a fuss of by people other than his owner….. life is an exciting adventure. There are 7 billion people on the planet, 195 countries and over a billion websites! Discovering new things enriches and excites us.

5 – Overspending your energy

Energy is not unlimited. You only have a certain amount. Sportspeople understand this and footballers are advised not to have sex before a big match! So do you know how you are spending your energy? Is work draining you? Or a relationship? Or are you spending your energy on worry? Awareness is the first step and then looking at balancing the ‘energy books’ can make huge differences to your life.

6 – Not nourishing your soul

Do you know what makes you happy? Or are the things that used to make you happy not working anymore? We are fluid creatures and whilst you may have a passion that lasts a lifetime, you might evolve and need new hobbies and interests to match your current state. By trying new things and having an open mind you might just find that belly dancing makes your soul feel alive!

7 – Your mindset

Some people find the phrase ‘positive thinking’ cheesy. And it can be; not everything is awesome! I really liked this blog that Michael Neill wrote recently where he talked about choosing our attitude to tasks we don’t enjoy. The purpose of the post was boosting productivity but what I took from it was by choosing our attitude, everything can be better.

If you are in a job you don’t enjoy, people may advise you to leave. But this just isn’t practical in all cases. By changing your mindset, it could feel like a new job!

So you see you may be leaking precious energy without even realising it. But if you aren’t enjoying your life as much as you want to or find it hard to get motivated, start by plugging energy leaks.

Here’s the plan:

  • Think about your energy levels. Can you identify any leaks?
  • Use a page in your notebook/journal and split it into seven squares. Label each one with a day of the week and make a note each day of your energy level out of ten and why you think that might be.


See you tomorrow

Happy hug 🙂



30 days to a happier you – Day 27 – Guest blogger Dawn Breslin

30 days to a happier you – Day 27 – Guest blogger Dawn Breslin



Chaos is erupting all over the planet and human beings caught in the cross fire are suffering on a grand scale.

harmonzing - uncertainty

Whether it’s global disharmony or the disharmony in our own personal or business lives, the current climate of instability is impacting everyone. Daily waves of shock and terror rock the foundations of our security, shake our confidence and leave many of us feeling out of control.

Uncertainty is uncomfortable. Human beings love certainty. We crave predictability.

So, what happens if the political leader you despise gets in, the life you secretly crave never transpires, your relationship doesn’t look like it’s going to make it, the business runs out of money or indeed you run out of patience or energy? What if you were to lose your job, lose your pension or, dare I say it, face an incurable illness? How do you feel when you are confronted with the unknown?

Each of us deals with fear and uncertainty in our own unique way 

Some of us appear to manage the blows of bad news, whilst others attempt to ignore their deepest fears, numbing their true feelings and burying their heads in the sand. They cling on for dear life, mentally trying to hold back the unfolding tide of reality. Human beings like to know what’s happening and when we can expect an outcome – our careers, our businesses our relationships and our financial security, all appear to depend on certainty – but do they really?

Living a full life means living with uncertainty

Being human and participating in a full life is risky business. We are actually living in a constant state of ever evolving flux and change. Whether we acknowledge it or not, our lives are messy and unpredictable. Driving a car, being in a job or a relationship, being a parent, buying into a pension scheme, going on a date or getting pregnant, even being born; all involve risk. Things don’t always turn out as we plan, fortunately most of us survive it.

harmonzing- nature

The tightness with which we hold on to our fixed ideas of how we would like life to be, determines how easily we transition through change.

Human beings are incredibly resilient. You are actually much more resilient and adaptable than you could ever imagine.

When we begin to let go of the ideas of how we think our life or world should be and we begin to accept the reality of how things really are, our suffering will begin to lessen. Acceptance of change will set us free as we step back into the flow of our evolving future.

There are huge upsides to instability and change.

Change can potentially grow us; it evolves our perspective. It has a lasting emotional, physical and spiritual impact on us, both as individuals and as the human collective. In my experience, the people who have undergone loss, pain and tragedy in their lives have gained vast amounts of empathy and wisdom. Change is a birthplace of creativity and new beginnings. It can offer us freedom from the chains of stagnation, pain and powerlessness. Change can be our friend.

harmonzing- snowdrop

Mother Nature can help us to adapt more easily to change.

Mother Nature is a master at adapting to chaos and change. Plants have survived through ever changing weather patterns. Droughts, storms, floods, frost and snow happen yet life goes on. Nature is in a constant state of flux, yet she always remains present and receptive, ready for her next stage of growth. Unlike humans, who question their capacity to adapt or survive in adverse situations, Nature trusts and adapts to her circumstances with essential ease. This is grace.

How does Nature flow with uncertainty and change? 

She does not resist or fight the storms; she stays soft and allows them to pass through

She does not fear what’s coming next; she stays rooted in herself, trusting in grace.

She does not attach to an outcome; she remains prepared to let go, in order to grow.

She does not control her unfolding; she trusts in the guidance of the life forces and her ability to adapt.


Being a human means you are constantly growing. Growth means change. In your own life so far you have experienced many changes already, some which were easy and some which were difficult. One thing is for sure, when you are open to change you have the power to guide the evolving direction of your life. If you are closed, you will stagnate.

The next time you feel fearful about a change remind yourself…

I CAN adapt. I am much more resilient than I believe.

I CAN re-form my life and create a new vision at any time.

I CAN let go my damaging attachments to people, experiences or stuff. This alleviates my suffering.

I CAN let go with ease and allow my life open up to a new chapter.

I CAN let go resistance to my truth. I can face change and new beginnings.

I CAN let go stagnation as I courageously embrace this ending.

I CAN let go into a resting and re-forming period of my life.

I CAN trust I know what I need to keep and what I need to let go.


You can also watch Dawn Breslin’s story of growth through burn out and recovery here.

  • You can find Dawn on Facebook or her website
  • Dawn runs lovely retreats in Scotland. The next one is in September and you can find out more here and please mention my blog