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Healthy eating – Day 24 -Lucy Pook makes raw chocolate!

Lucy Pook is a naturopath from Brighton. And owns Lucy’s luscious raw chocolate which is handmade in Brighton.

Lucy Pook

I am still inspired after 20 years

I have been a naturopath for nearly 20 years now and I am still inspired by my diet and healthy lifestyle. I don’t get bored of food and feel that I eat like a king even though I am not eating so called “normal” foods and have had to cut out a lot of my favourite foods due to allergies and intolerances.

I begin my day with a pint of warm water either in the form of a mint tea or just lemon and water. When I trained with Barbara Wren in the 90,s we didn’t talk about food till the fourth month. The main focus was on hydration as nothing will be absorbed without water.

We lose 4 pints of water a day and so we need to replace that same amount…..having my water first thing makes it easier to keep up with the quota….plus we all wake up dehydrated, your urine is dark and the first thing the body needs is water…..not food.  If I am working from home that day I will have another pint of water before my breakfast or rather brunch. This means I am pretty hydrated to start my day.

Using seasonal fruit in my smoothies

Sometimes I will have a smoothie depending on the the spring and summer it’s a smoothie every morning but in the winter it’s either porridge or my brunch. My smoothies for the last month have been rich in blackberries, Britain’s very own super food rich in anthocyanins which attach to cancer cells and destroy them.

Because I am intolerant to bananas as well as coconut oil..annoying..I use either a pear or nectarine to blend with my freshly picked blackberries and mint. I add soaked linseed water to increase hydration plus a pinch of seaweed for iodine, some milk thistle for liver support and my favourite super food at the moment a teaspoon baobab powder rich in vitamin C. Plus some raw activated almond milk. In the spring I will have green smoothies to help clear out the liver with spinach mixed with seasonal fruits.

This keeps me going for an hour whilst I am writing and photographing my raw chocolate recipes or making my chocolate. If I am seeing a client I will wait until after our session to eat my brunch.

Rye bread is ok for wheat intolerance

I have had 2 kinesiology tests these last couple of years one with a Vega master machine and one with a friend and they confirmed what I already knew, I am intolerant to wheat and I am lactose intolerant. But I am fine with rye..yippee and so I now live on rye sourdough where it is fermented to make the grain more absorbable. It’s how bread used to be made.

I don’t have butter but I toast the bread and make a salad rich in olive oil dressing and raw vinegar with tons of watercress with avocado celery and red onion. Then I boil an egg. The dressing saturates the bread, it’s so delicious. I have another piece of toast with almond butter and sugar free apricot jam with a cup of hot chocolate made with raw cacao powder, sweetener, water topped up with almond milk.

I will have a large spoonful of deep sea fish oil in the winter months or krill in the summer as we need less omega 3 when it is warm, this keeps me going for hours.

I shop daily

I am usually out in the afternoon shopping or delivering chocolate. I shop daily. It’s how the hunter gathers would have gathered their food. As fresh as possible and choosing, feeling and smelling your food. The idea of shopping for a week is alien to me. I drink more water before I leave home but if out too long I may buy a kombucha drink from my lovely local health shop.

When I get home after all that walking I am usually hungry and will normally have sweet mashed potato with olive oil, another green salad with sauerkraut and some fish. Or I may have quinoa cooked in a teaspoon of turmeric or make my quinoa bake. See my facebook or website.

Some raw chocolate or a gluten free cake that I made might be my pudding but sometimes I just have a hot chicory drink with almond milk.

My food is 90% organic. I use very little salt. I have also found out recently I am intolerant to the nightshade family so no more potatoes, but sweet potatoes are OK.

Basically I live on salads. I have two a day even in the winter. Our closest living relatives the apes live on greens 45% of their diet in fact. What I have learnt is that if you can live on greens which provide us with every nutrient we need we are half way there.

For more info please look at my website

A note from Honey

Thank you Lucy for sharing your attitude to food and eating with us and I will have to come and try some of your chocolate!

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See you tomorrow

Healthy hug 🙂



30 days to a happier you – Day 15 – Life is like a box of chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates.

‘You never know what you are going to get’. This is a line from the film, Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks. The film covers death, depression, disability, motivation and love.

Life is full of wonderful things. We are blessed with our bodies, minds and senses and able to enjoy so many different things.

But what about the chocolates that we don’t expect or don’t like? Some of life’s experiences are harsh, painful and leave scars. And because our emotional scars are held in the sub conscious mind, we can think we are ok when we’re not. And we may behave in ways that we can’t control. Or we may completely falls to pieces or struggle to retain control in our everyday lives and things like going to work, running a home, maintaining relationships and sleep can become really difficult.

Many people will battle on, either struggling or pretending it’s not happening or hoping it will pass. And then MELTDOWN. It might just be some time off of work, or it might bring the end of a close relationship or even a nervous breakdown. But because issue were not addressed, it all becomes too much and the nervous system simply shuts down as it needs to rest.

The yucky chocolates

life pain

Life loves to throw a curveball doesn’t it? Sometimes expected, sometimes not at all but the big ones can really rock your world. Let’s look at some of the most common ones:


When someone you care about dies it hurts deeply. It may be a shock and will make a gap where that person was. It might bring up unresolved issues, guilt and regret.

Separation or divorce

Putting the practical issues of money etc. aside, it can seriously damage self-esteem and confidence. Life may feel unbearable and you might feel like no one understands you. You need to rebuild but it seems too hard because you don’t feel strong.

Redundancy and unemployment

This can bring huge uncertainty and worry and really knock your confidence in both yourself and your abilities.


If you or a loved one become ill, apart from the medical appointments there is stress, worry and anxiety. What does the future hold? It can be helpful to learn techniques which keep you in the moment and relieve stress so you can get through this life challenge.

What some people don’t realise if that when you are going through a traumatic time or feeling bad for no apparent reason, the difference getting therapy can make is unbelievable. You can feel better, gain strength and turn almost any situation into a learning experience. Once you learn to do this you will find future ‘yucky chocolates’ that life throws at you easier to deal with.

Here’s the plan:

  • Write a postcard to your younger self sharing some of the events of your life and any advice that you can offer
  • Sign up for my free relaxing Hypnosis download at my website
  • Get in touch if you would like a free 20 minute consultation

Happy hug 🙂