Sugar Crush

Ready To Crush Your Sugar Cravings? Start Here:

Disrupted sleep and / or mood swings.
Worry about eating too much sugar and its effects on your body.

Dear friend with the sweet tooth,

Are you on a rollercoaster of sugar highs and lows? How regular are your sugar cravings?

You might recognise some of these signs…..

Energy dips. So tired at times in the day you feel like you need to have a little sleep because you just can’t function.
Out of control. An insatiable desire for sugary foods. Looking for the next ‘fix’.
Worrying how you will function without sugar as you view it as a guilty pleasure
Falling into a ‘savoury’ then ‘sweet’ trap. Like Christmas but every day!
Lack of glow and small pimples on your skin.
Feeling addicted.
Guilt about setting a bad example to your children.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sugar is addictive and easy to get your hands on. But it is not good for you. Your body is not designed to cope with large amounts of sugar and whilst most things, sugar included, are ok in moderation, for many people eating sugar is a problem they would rather ditch.

You are looking for the sweet feeling of success and you want to quit sugar altogether, to stop eating processed sugar or simply cut down this is the perfect thing for you.

I have designed an easy to follow programme for you to crush your sugar cravings in just 3 days. You will feel great and even out your blood sugar levels in that time. Watch your strange symptoms and cravings that make you want to climb the walls disappear. At the same time you will be filling your body with nutrients so you feel AMAZING.

Now I said it was going to be easy but it still needs a bit of work from you!

The way this programme works is you drink the specially devised ‘health drinks’ for 3 days. That’s right, no solid food, just the drinks. The reason for this is by not having to fully digest food, your body can focus on extracting the nutrients from the ‘healthy drinks’ you will be having. With these nutrients filling your body you will feel amazing. And when you feel that amazing, believe me, you won’t want to spoil it with sugar.


The body also uses a huge amount of energy digesting food. So by drinking easy to digest drinks for 3 days, you will have increased energy levels which make you feel even more amazing. Maybe you haven’t had good energy for a while and you will absolutely love having some now by following this programme.

This is the ideal programme for you if you want to get clean of sugar, flush your body with nutrients and feel amazing.

Get clear on the benefits of being sugar-free

If you want to crush your sugar cravings and get in control of what you eat and how you feel, this is exactly the right thing for you. Quick, easy and effective. And you can use this programme time and time again whenever you feel the need for a recharge and energy boost.

When you are nourished properly, everything in your life will feel better. You will be more in control.

This is a low cost, easy to follow programme. Suitable for anyone over 18 who has a blender!

This programme wasn’t born without careful research and testing. I’ve been a therapist in health and wellness for years and own more nutrition books and certificates than will fit on a normal bookcase. Everything I do is the aim of making people feel better. You are completely safe with me .

What You’ll Get When You Join Crush Your Sugar Cravings



A hypnotic recording to strengthen your resolve

A really important part of this detox is preparing your mind. When you prepare your mind properly you can have the determination to achieve amazing things. Included in your programme is a hypnotic audio recording to help you do this. This recording will work with your unconscious mind which is waaaaay more powerful than your conscious mind.



A full shopping list of everything you need to buy.

There’s no faff. You have a list, take it to the shop and buy the ingredients.
Ready, set, go


The recipe sheets

Which are clear and easy to follow for maximum nutrition. Plus there’s a Facebook support group for any questions that you might have.

Is Crush Your Sugar Cravings Right for You?

Let’s make this decision easy for you

WHO Crush Your Sugar Cravings IS NOT FOR

If the thought of not eating meat for 3 days worries you


You can’t ever free up 3 days where you will have access to a blender


You’re worried about not cooking for 3 days


WHO Crush Your Sugar Cravings Is Right For?



You want even energy levels and no afternoon slumps


You don’t want to rely on sugar to get through the day

You don’t want to rely on sugar for pleasure



You want to be healthier



You want to nourish your body


You want to glow

You want to sleep like a baby



Gain a Deeper Connection With Your Body

When you get a taste of how amazing your body can feel with the right nutrition you will want more of this. I promise!

I Want You To Get Results!

You’ll also get access to a Facebook group so you can swap tips and successes with people on the same journey.

Put your health first. Join Crush Your Sugar Cravings Now! 

What happens next? When you hit the above button, you’ll be taken to Paypal and you can make your investment. You’ll get the logins to the program sent to your PayPal email address. You can go and login to the membership area and find all the goodies I have for you, and then join the Facebook group. You’ll be amazed at how good, and right all of this feels.

I’ll see you in the group.