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A healthy sex life is part of a women’s wellbeing. It can be hard to know where to turn when you need support with a sexual issue. This service uses hypnosis to communicate with your powerful subconcious mind to relieve the issue and get you back in the saddle.


2 tailored two hour long sessions to use hypnosis to make changes and help you overcome the issue

A bespoke audio recording for you to keep (if to used as part of your coaching)

The opportunity to say how you are feeling, how you want to say it, without shame or judgement

A safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings around the issue (if you want to but not necessary)

Ideal for typical sexual issues for women arousal, orgasmic disorder, low libido and painful sex, vaginismus and menopause related issues.

Suitable to heal sexual abuse past experiences as all my work is teauma informed. 

Suitable for women that feel body shame and it’s affecting their ability to be confident sexually

How do I purchase this package?

The package costs £450 for 4 hours of us working together and everything else that is included depending on your needs. 

I always talk to people before I work with them to make sure we are a good fit and to set us both up for success so please book a free consultation chat first and then I can send you the links to pay and book your sessions.

Where does therapy and coaching take place?

All sessions are held online using zoom. You can find instructions on how to use zoom here It’s very easy 🙂

Will hypnosis be used?

If we agree that hypnosis might be useful for you to try, then yes. But hypnosis does not have to be part of your sessions. This is a tailored programme based on your needs. I am an experienced coach, trained in NLP and other techniques as well as hypnosis. I have special training in this area so you are in safe hands and we will use what is best and right for you. p.s. hypnosis is marvelous for utilising the imagination to work with sexual issues, the mind guides the body afterall. 

What benefit will I get from this program?

The likelyhood is that if you are even reading this part of this page, the issue has been going on a while and it’s bothering you and maybe your partner too. Or maybe it’s preventing you from finding a relationship. It really is worth investing the time and money to get it sorted and stop worrying that there’s something wrong with you. you might be amazed that your sexual self is still in there somewhere or has a new lease of life!

** short version of benefits. Get your mojo back and feel more fulfilled and satisfied in your intimate relationships.

This programe is also suitable for women who have had sexual abuse in their lives as I build in healing and new ways of being around intimacy for you. All my work is trauma informed.

What makes these services different to counselling, CBT, EFT?

My skills allow me to work with you at a concious level and an unconcious level to really go deep into the deep healing that is often necessary for women to feel whole and confident again.

When will I start to see changes?

Literally after each session. 

What if I want another session once my package ends?

You can book additional sessions

What do I get with my sessions?

All my clients get everything they need.

Pre appointment advice

Excellent service

Access to ask any questions via email or text

MP3 recordings if appropriate

Access to client resources area after their sessions end

If I have something or know something that will benefit my client, I will share it



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