Hypnotherapy services to make you life better

Available online, or in person in London (4 locations) & Worthing


Therapy for anxiety & depression

Anxiety & depression

Available online, or in person in London & Worthing 

Sometimes anxiety & depression co exist and sometimes only one is present. Either way, they can make life anything from tricky to full on debilitating. 

I use tried and tested techniques that I’ve developed over many years, to help to lift and change these feelings so you can have more freedom, better relationships & a happier life. 

Therapy for self esteem & confidence

Self esteem & confidence coaching

Available online, or in person in London & Worthing 

There are usually two aspects of building self esteem & confidence. 

Often there are experiences in our past such as relationships or our upbringing, that have affected our self esteem & confidence. In hypnosis you’ll be able able to review & heal those root causes.

Then we work on your belief system and self concept to build you up.


Self discovery coaching

Discover or rediscover your authentic self

Available online, or in person in London & Worthing 

If you don’t really know who you are, meaning you can’t live a happy, authentic life, this is for you.

Self Discovery coaching helps you heal parts of yourself that have been wounded over time and explore aspects of yourself that you simply can’t find on your own.

You’ll find your voice, your confidence and yourself.

Hypnotherapy for stop smoking & vaping

Stop smoking or vaping

Available online, or in person in London & Worthing 

It really doesn’t matter how long you’ve had the habit, when you use the power of hypnosis to quit. 

Stopping smoking with hypnosis makes use of your subconcious mind, which is the greater part of the mind so you can quit for good, without cravings or putting on weight. 


ADHD coaching

ADHD coaching

Available online only

ADHD coaching can really help you understand your emotions around self ADHD diagnosis or a formal diagnosis. 

I support you in processing your life experiences and allowing you a safe, non judgemental space to attune to this true version of yourself. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy logo

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Available online, or in person in London & Worthing 

RTT is a powerful leading and lasting therapy, ideal for long standing issues like rejection, loss, low esteem and childhood and adult trauma.

In RTT, you meet your inner child which allows for inner child healing. 

Weight loss and body image

Weight loss and body image

Available online, or in person in London & Worthing 

This weight loss program deals with the emotional aspects of weight loss, which are often unknown to you as reasons that you overeat. We often overeat to numb uncomfortable or difficult feelings. We work at a deep level to heal what needs to be healed in order for you to have a healthier relationship with food. 

The other important aspect of weight loss is body image. We will address how you feel about your body, how to think about your body and how you speak about your body. 

By changing your thoughts around your body image, you can learn to like or love your body. With this new body positive mindset, it will be easier for you nurture and nourish your body every day.

Hypnotic virtual gastric band

Hypnotic virtual gastric band

Available online, or in person in London & Worthing 

The hypnotic gastric band is a ‘pretend’ fitting of a gastric band in hypnosis that leaves your brain and body feeling like it’s had a gastric band fitted.

Quit or reduce alcohol consumption logo

Quitting or reducing alcohol consumption  

Available online only

Addictions come in many forms but alcohol is a trick one for a few reasons. 

1 – Alcohol is easily available and also affordable

2 – Alcohol consumption usually creeps up over time 

3 – Alcohol can feel like your friend when you are lonely, sad or dealing with difficult emotions or situations, but that friend is two faced.

Hypnosis helps you deal with emotions and change habits at the same time.

Fears & phobias package logo

Fears and phobias package

Available online, or in person in London & Worthing 

The use of hypnosis is very common to help shift fears and phobias because it uses the power of the subconcious mind and that’s where fears and phobias are created.


90 day personal transformation logo

 90 day personal transformation

Available online only

This is the only longer form of therapy that I offer. I created this package for highly sensitive people that need a little extra support and healing through their journey of healing and transformation.

90 day business transformation logo

90 day business transformation

Available online only

Mindset plays a big part in business. Why not unlock the full power of your subconcious mind to help you with your business? 

This program helps you wade through the opportunities and get clear on your goals and actions. 

Sexual issues logo

Sexual issues

Available online only

It can be exbarassing to talk about sexual issues. These sessions are held without judgement and in complete privacy online (you will need your camera on for safety reasons).

Typical sexual issues for women are arousal, orgasmic disorder, low libido and painful sex, vaginismus and menopause related issues.


Past life regression logo

Past life regression sessions

Available online, or in person in London & Worthing 

Exploring your past lives in hypnosis can be a profoundly healing experience. This package gives you two chances to explore your past lives and take the learnings into your current life. 

If you have ever wondered why you feel a certain way or get upset about things and you don;t understand why, past life regression can really help you make sense of things. 

Bespoke hypnosis recordings

 Bespoke hypnosis recordings

Available online only 

Have 4 hypnosis recordings made just for you. Want to go to sleep with suggestions around something you find particular soothing or relaxing? you can have your own set of recordings made. 

Great also for clients with very private issues as this whole service can be delivered online, no need to speak to or see the therapist! 

Also good for parents who would like to child be playing metophoric stories to help with thier issues (great for autistic and adhd kids).

If you are a business or charity, I can also make recordings and mediations for your audience. 

Fertility package logo

Fertility package

Available online only

It’s fascinating that your subconcious mind controls your bodily functions all on its own.

when you sleep, everything keeps working even though you don’t have to tell it to!

So it makes sense to communicte with the subconcious mind to work with issues in the body too. Sometimes there are issues or experiences to clear up so the subconcious can allow what was blocked to flow.


Fertility package logo

Menopause package

Available online online

The body and mind are interlinked. If you feel embarassed you may blush, if you are anxious, you might sweat or have palpitations. 

I help you get in tune with your subconcious mind which controls the functions of the body to work on many menopausal issues such as:

hot flushes 

anxious episodes 

disrupted sleep 


The Life Spa self care membership logo

 The Life Spa membership

Available online only 

The Life Spa is a low cost monthly membership for women who want to learn simple self care techniques that they can integrate into their lives. 

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