Weight Loss Hypnosis Bundle


This bundle is great value because it contains 5 effective hypnotic mp3 downloads to help you lose weight and keep it off whilst feeling healthy, happy and confident. It covers the key 5 areas that many people want to improve doing their weight loss journey.

1 – Being more confident

Feeling more confident can be the gateway to great things in life. Imagine having the confidence to go for a new job or start your own business. Or to go on a date or make new friends. Confidence is the river that runs through most key events in life. Often highly skilled and competent people just don’t go for it because they lack confidence. Change that with this hypnotic download mp3 and get the confidence to help you do great things!

2 – Overcome sugar addiction

If your sweet tooth is out of control, this hypnosis download mp3 will really help you cut out the sugar and get back in control. Sugar is addictive and plays havoc with your blood sugar levels so you will feel great once you ditch the sugar habit with this download.

3 – Having a healthier lifestyle

We all know a healthy lifestyle is good for our wellbeing but we often struggle to eat ell, hydrate and exercise in the way we want to. This effective hypnosis download mp3 will help you create and maintain healthy habits easily. Often it’s stress standing in the way of us creating time to do the healthy things we need to. Or sometimes it a lack of self-care (either by not feeling deserving of caring for ourselves, putting others needs befor our own or simply not prioritising our needs). This download will help you prioritise your health and you will soon reap the benefits of doing so.

4 - Loving your body

Feeling good about your body can really change your outlook on life. If you have a positive body image every day is easier because you feel good in your clothes and you will be more confident. This hypnosis download mp3 will really help you love your body more and want to nourish and nuture it in a loving way. When you feel more body positive you will be happier in your own skin and feel ready to face the world with the body you have.

5 – Overcoming emotional eating

This MP3 will help you overcome emotional eating by building your good feelings about yourself and increasing your resilience to emotional ‘blips’.  Not only will you feel better about only eating when you actually need to but you will feel more emotionally balanced and just all round more in control.

These hypnosis downloads are designed to make your life better. The content is unique and written by Honey Lansdowne and uses a mix of Hypnotic and NLP language to help you make improvements and changes in your life. The recordings are totally safe and very effective. Listen as often as you like when you are in a comfortable place and not driving or operating machinery.

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