Stop Smoking hypnosis download


Did you know that a major research study compared different ways of becoming a non-smoker and found that hypnosis was three times as effective as nicotine replacement therapy for stopping smoking?

This stop smoking MP3 is such an easy and effective way to use Hypnosis to quit smoking.  This recording will stop your smoking habit without cravings and without putting on weight.  In no time at all, the nicotine will have left your body allowing you to enjoy life as a non smoker.

When you quit with willpower, you are using your conscious mind (said to be 10% of your mind), with this MP3 you use your unconscious mind too (the other 90%!) so it makes total sense why it works so well.


This hypnosis download is designed to make your life better. The content is unique and written by Honey Lansdowne and uses a mix of Hypnotic and NLP language to help you make improvements and changes in your life. The recording is totally safe and very effective. Listen as often as you like when you are in a comfortable place and not driving or operating machinery.

hypnosis download to stop smoking
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