Online Sessions

Self Discovery Package Online

This is my signature package to change the thoughts and feelings that are limiting your happiness and freedom.

How your self-discovery programme will work:

Two online sessions of two hours each.

A blended personalised service which includes hypnosis, NLP, tapping and coaching.

You will experience significant shifts in feelings like

  • low self-esteem
  • self acceptance
  • lack of confidence
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • childhood issues
  • guilt
  • shame
  • fear
  • not liking yourself
  • not fitting in
  • feeling like other people don’t like you
  • not feeling good enough

This package is the real deal. Some people have a belief that deep rooted change has to take weeks, months or even years.

This simply isn’t true. Your brain works at lightening speed and with expert help you can release the old and create the new.

You feel better about being you and understand how to create and maintain your own happiness and calm. You will feel much more confident and connected to yourself.


RTT® Session Online

RTT rewires any outdated, negative beliefs and replaces them with healthy, beneficial ones.

Included in your 2 hour RTT breakthrough session:

A thorough, tailored online session lasting 2 hours

A bespoke hypnosis audio recording for you to keep

A 30 minute scheduled call within a month of therapy to assess your progress

Email/text check-in 24 hours after the therapy session

Free access to a Facebook group for ongoing personal development

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