Online sessions

My therapies are very powerful and so I rarely work with anyone for more than 4 hours. My clients save a lot of time and money when you compare this to weekly sessions over a longer period of time.

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Healing hypnosis session online

Included in your healing hypnosis session

  • A deep and personal 2 hour online healing session
  •  Free access to a Facebook life management group

RTT session online

Included in your 2 hour RTT breakthrough session:

  • A thorough, tailored online session lasting 2 hours
  •  A bespoke audio recording for you to keep
  • A 30 minute scheduled call within a month of therapy to assess your progress
  •  Email/text check-in 24 hours after the therapy session
  • Free access to a Facebook life management group

Self discovery package online

This is the signature package to change your thoughts and feelings about anxiety and depression.

Included in your package: 

  • Two 2 hour online sessions (suitable for adults & teens)
  • A blended personalised service which includes hypnosis, NLP, Psy-Tap (Pyschosensary techniques) and coaching.
  • Shifts in feelings of:
  •  low self-esteem
  •  Confidence issues
  •  Trauma
  • Childhood issues
  •  Guilt
  •  Shame
  •  Fear
  •  Dislike of self
  •  Anxiety and depression
  •  Not feeling good enough 

 After this work you feel better about being you and understand how to create and maintain your own happiness and calm. You will feel much more confident and connected to yourself.