Online Therapy For Anxiety

Seeking an anxiety therapist online to help with anxiety can often take people longer than it needs to. This means you put up with it for too long and that can be tiring.

The reasons people don’t get help right away is they think they can ‘fix’ it on their own or it will go away. Quite often anxiety has no logic and arrives suddenly for no apparent reason.

But there is a reason.

Your unconcious mind is giving you a signal that something is up and anxiety is its way of bringing it to your attention.


So it makes sense to get help from an anxiety therapist online, who can help you ease anxious thought and feelings and get your life back on track. A professional anxiety therapist will have heard it all before and won’t judge.

Your ideal anxiety therapist will have techniques, therapies and experience to help you move through anxiety into better thoughts and feelings.

Why see an anxiety therapist online?

Online anxiety therapy is amazing because you get the help you seek from the best specialists around the world who offer this service.

The online anxiety therapy that I offer online is a highly effective anxiety treatment and suitable for adults and teenagers. 

I work with many women and many teenage girls who need some help with anxious thoughts and feelings.

Teens can dread the thought of actually going to see someone. Having online anxiety therapy can feel more private and safe for anxious teenagers as they are at home and do not feel the pressure of being in the same room as the therapist.

Online anxiety therapy sessions allow people who may never have been able to access this service to experience the benefits.

How does online anxiety therapy at home work?

Having your life changing therapy at home is easy. You can find freedom from anxiety in the privacy and comfort of your own home. And it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

I use an online video service called zoom which is very reliable and easy to use. We will be able to see each other and it is trustworthy and free to use.

When you book your session, you will be able to choose a date and time for your sessions that works for you. At the time of your session, we then meet on the screen and can see and hear each other.

It’s easy. You just need a good reliable internet connection, a camera and good sound. You can use headphones (large one or the buds you plug in your phone depending on the quality of the sound).

This is simply a very convienient and easy way to get good therapy and feel much better.

Research has shown that results are as powerful as face-to-face sessions. Often even more so. This is because our brains have been trained to really deeply focus when watching, listening or learning from a computer screen or TV screen.

I find that online clients are very relaxed and sometimes they are not at home and are able to address things that they have been keeping very secret. They can have their favourite comfy clothes on and get themselves comfortable.

This is modern life changing therapy for modern women and teenage girls who want to be free from anxiety.

Honey totally put me at my ease and I was able to fully relax. In addition to the hypnosis I’ve been given a whole range of tools as part of my ‘maintenance pack’ to use at home on a daily basis and others for emergency use if I’m having a wobble, or a particularly stressful day. Honey is very down to earth, genuine and really cares about supporting her clients. Not only that but she also explains everything really well too, so you can understand how it works. I’d definitely recommend Honey. I felt totally comfortable and very safe with her.

Julie Shepherd

What kinds of anxiety does this anxiety therapist online help with?


Loneliness anxiety


Worry & anxiety


Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)


Childhood trauma anxiety


Trauma related anxiety


Financial anxiety


Divorce & seperation anxiety


General anxiety disorder


PTSD anxiety


High functioning anxiety


ADHD anxiety


Work anxiety


Exam anxiety


Driving anxiety


Autism anxiety


Menopause anxiety


Post natal anxiety


Grief anxiety

Honey genuinely tries to help her clients and she’s got the client’s best interest at heart. I went to see Honey as I went through a phase of constant worrying. She helped me a lot to regain my confidence and to believe in myself.

Josephine Sharples

How do I book in for anxiety therapy online?

If you know that I am the right anxiety therapist online to help you, please book your session.

If you have any questions or would like to talk first, then please book a free consultation and we can discuss what you are looking to achieve and the best options for you. 

Is online anxiety therapy as good as in person therapy?

I have not seen any less success in my online clients than my face to face.

Online therapy for ananxiety therapist online wherever you may be.

You could have your session from a quiet private place, if you are travelling on business, from home or anywhere suitable.

Some people from other countries just prefer an english therapist and people in high profile or celebrity positions may not wish to be seen in public.

I’m looking forward to meeting you, wherever you are in the world

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