Online hypnotherapy sessions 

Online hypnotherapy is easy, comfortable and effective.

With the online booking system you can pay for and select your hypnotherapy session at a suitable time for you.

For your online appointment you will receive full email details of everything you need to know in advance of your appointment.

Your session will be held online using a platform called Zoom. It’s very secure and reliable. It’e the leading online meeting software. you just need to make sure you won’t be disturbed and can see and hear me properly. You can be seated or lying down on your sofa or bed. 

My sessions are mostly two hours long, which leaves enough time for a thorough hypnotherapy session in London. I see most clients for two sessions of 2 hours each, except for stop smoking or vaping which is a single session of 2 hours (to stop smoking or vaping forever) and some of my coahcing packages which are more than 2 sessions. 

My services are split into packages as follows: 

Anxiety & depression

Self esteem & confidence 

Self discovery for healing & self acceptance

Stop smoking or vaping

ADHD coaching (online only)

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Weight loss & body image

Quit or reduce alcohol (online only)

Fears & phobias

90 day personal transformation (online only) 

90 day business transformation (online only)

Sexual issues (online only)

Past life regression

Bespoke hypnosis recordings (online only)


If your issues is not listed, please do get in touch as hypnosis is the tool for so many psychological issues.  The use of hypnosis is what helps you heal & solve your problem so it’s likely I can help (and if I can’t help, I can refer you to someone in my network).

Work with me – your online hypnotherapist

My typical client has an issue they want to change and may have tried some other treatments like counselling or CBT but haven’t got the outcome they seek.

You may have heard of hypnotherapy from reading or from a friend and you are wondering if it can help you. The answer is probably yes because every thought, behaviour or pattern that we have is in our subconcious mind. Hypnosis works with your subconcious mind (95% of your mind) to make changes that stick.

You might think that hypnosis is ‘mind control’ but the truth is, nothing gives you greater control over your mind and your life than hypnosis as you learn how to connect and make use of the true power of your subconcious mind.

Honey has helped me get through some deep routed issues by retraining my subconscious mind and given me tools to use myself to sort out negative thoughts which can cause real issues in daily life. Her voice is soothing and I cherish the recordings I have from our sessions. She came recommended to me and I would definitely recommend her too.


I sought Honey’s help to increase my self-confidence & self-esteem.

I tried all sorts of things to be more confident. I read books, I watched videos, I listened to podcasts – I felt better for a day or two before going back to being a ball of nerves around people I was really fed up.

The transformation & impact this had on my life is priceless. I can now be around people & feel at ease & even make conversation without feeling sick or the need to hide.

I cannot recommend hiring Honey enough. She’s super caring, friendly & professional.


I take part in Honey’s monthly online women’s group. She is absolutely fantastic and provides lots of really useful information, meditations, and really cares about people. I’ve also had hypnotherapy with Honey and found it to be a really useful and positive experience. Thank you Honey.


The National Hypnotherapy Society Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Training Honey Lansdowne

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