What is NLP?

NLP is a fantastic personal development tool

NLP is short for neuro-linguistic programming. Neuro looks at how our brains processes the words we use (linguistic) and how that affects our past, present and future with its programming.

Working with an NLP master practitioner can gives you profound insights into how your thinking patterns can affect every aspect of your life. 

NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States, in the 1970s.

They observed a well-known therapist called Milton Erickson, Gregory Bateson, Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir who were all leading therapists, to ‘decode’ why their therapy interventions were so successfull. And from that NLP became and allows many today to train as an NLP therapist to help others.


How can working with an NLP Master Practitioner help you?

Change your coding!

During your life your body is ‘coding’ your negative experiences and attaching emotions like fear, hurt, guilt, shame and anger to different events that you experience.

The thoughts that are attached to the memory create a chain of biochemical and psychological changes.

Your ‘coding’ means certain reactions happen automatically and anxiety, phobias, PTSD, stress, depression and self-sabotage can become part of life.

Working with an NLP therapist changes this coding so the problem goes away.


What’s the difference between choosing an NLP Master Practitioner over a therapist or a counselor? 

Many counselors and therapists are trained in NLP because it’s a great tool to help people. 

Your mind works very quickly.  Some of my clients have found that the talking therapies like CBT, psychotherapy or counselling have been helpful, but the problem hasn’t gone.

NLP is a safe and non evasive way of really changing how you feel.

You can really learn a lot about yourself working with an NLP therapist too which is why it’s considered a personal development tool. 

NLP techniques range from simple to remove phobias to transformational where people can uncover their core values and beliefs. Both of these examples can be life changing!

Learning more about yourself can really help you examine root causes and find your personal power.

What sort of things can NLP help with?

NLP is great for phobias, PTSD, goal setting, motivation, sports performance and understanding yourself more. 

How do I 'do' NLP?

You don’t need to worry about learning or doing anything. your NLP practitioner or master practitioner will guide you through any processes. 

It should feel quite easy and thought provoking. 

Does NLP use trance?

I describe NLP as a waking hypnosis. It accesses your unconcious mind via language and may include visualisation exercises.

Why haven't I heard of NLP?

Lots of people haven’t heard of NLP because it hasnt really been in the media and there are no real celebrity NLP therapists.

It is well known in the field of personal development.

How does it work?

NLP works by illiciting memories and feelings past and future and allowing your mind to ‘stack’ good feelings as anchors.

These anchors can then be used to help you get better outcomes in your life. Negative feelings can be collapsed with positive ones. 

It’s very clever and people have great outcomes with it. 

Will I need to learn anything?

Like hypnosis, many people that try it go on to learn more about it.

If this is of interest to you, get in touch and I will recommend some resources. 

A good starting point is John Grinder and Richard Bandler who are the creators of NLP. 

What if I go back to scenes that are painful or scary?

Expert therapists can elegantly guide you through the past so you can review situations and experiences without being retraumatised.

I prefer to use hypnosis and RTT as I find they have greater healing powers.

That is the good thing about being trained in multiple therapies. It allows me to switch as the situation requires, so my client is safe and gets the best outcome and is able to fully heal.

When will I start to see changes?

You’ll feel changes during your session and the positive changes will keep coming as your confidence in your new way of being grows.

What if I need or want another session?

You can buy extra sessions from me as your NLP therapist at a 2 hour session rate for adults or 1 hour rate for teenagers.

What does NLP cost?

Details of all my services and fees are available here

I'm interested in learning NLP

Great! Take a look at my training site at The Hypnotherapy Academy

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