If you are a woman looking for natural ways to heal depression symptoms you will find this article helpful. It covers some of the reasons you may be feeling symptoms of depression and some natural ways to start feeling better.

Let’s first take at some common thought patterns and behaviours which tend to make women experience symptoms of depression and wonder  how they might heal them naturally.


1 – Thinking about the past can cause womens depression symptoms

If you live to 80 years old you will have 29,200 days of life. And yet it’s easy to forget how short life is and to dwell on things that happened in the past. Of course it’s not always possible to just stop thinking about the past by yourself so you may need to get professional help.

A good tip is to focus on the present moment as much as possible, mindfulness is a great way to do that. You can do most things more mindfully. Try mindful walking, cooking, eating or moving. It’s amazing how little and often can make a significant difference to how you feel and what you spend your time thinking about.


2 – Feeling depressed about the things you can’t do

You might wish you were good at something or had certain opportunities, but when you look at the things you can’t do you drain your energy from the things you can.

So if you don’t have the money to go on a certain trip, create a different trip that you can afford. If you can’t run a 5k, walk one or build up to one. Focusing on the can, rather than the can’t feeds your energy (and confidence).


3 – Disliking your body causes womens depression symptoms

How often do you look down at your belly and think you are fat or it is gross? That belly is working hard for you on the inside! Your digestive system is amazing! Often referred to as the second brain.

Try nourishing it with probiotics and see how great you feel. Some things are functional and don’t look pretty! So your legs are wobbly, but aren’t they the same legs that carry you up the stairs to be the tooth fairy and down the stairs to be Santa?


4 – Not being open to change and healing

There is a saying that the only thing that’s constant is change. Being resilient to change in a key factor in happiness factors.

Can you imagine a dog that was kept in a dog cage and never went to the park, sniffed trees, met other dogs, ran for a stick, jumped in a lake, followed a scent, ran free in the grass, made doggy friends, chased a cat, ate something he shouldn’t, dug a hole, got made a fuss of by people other than his owner….. life is an exciting adventure.

There are 7 billion people on the planet, 195 countries and over a billion websites! Discovering new things enriches and excites us.

What unhelpful habit can you change? Or what change in your life would be useful for you to move towards accepting?


5 – Overspending energy makes women feel tired and depressed

Energy is not unlimited. You only have a certain amount. Sportspeople understand this and footballers are advised not to have sex before a big match so they have enough energy for the game! So do you know how you are spending your energy?

Is work draining you? Or a relationship? Or are you spending your energy on worry? Awareness is the first step and then looking at balancing the ‘energy books’ can make huge differences to your life.

Your three energy sources are physical, emotional and spiritual. When you balance the three energies, you will feel at your best; powerful and balanced. It doesn’t have to be hard. The first step is to recognise the three energies and anything that drains or feeds them.

Things that drain or feed your energy can be:

  • People
  • Environments
  • Situations
  • Thoughts
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Behaviour
  • Addictions
  • Habits
  • Sleep
  • Relaxation
  • Fun
  • Hobbies
  • Learning
  • Work

Think about your energy levels. Can you identify any leaks?


6 – Not nourishing your soul

Do you know what makes you happy?

Or are the things that used to make you happy not working anymore? We are fluid creatures and whilst you may have a passion that lasts a lifetime, you might evolve and need new hobbies and interests to match your current state. By trying new things and having an open mind you might just find that belly dancing makes your soul feel alive!


7 – Your mindset

Some people find the phrase ‘positive thinking’ cheesy. And it can be; not everything is awesome! I really liked this blog from Michael Neill in which he talks about choosing our attitude to tasks we don’t enjoy. The purpose of the post was boosting productivity, but what I took from it was by choosing our attitude, everything can be better.

If you are in a job you don’t enjoy, people may advise you to leave. But this just isn’t practical in all cases. By changing your mindset, it could feel like a new job!


8 – Physical clutter can cause symptoms of depression

Have you heard of ‘that’ book about decluttering. It’s called ‘Spark Joy’ by Mary Kondo. she is a tidying and de-cluttering specialist. She is helping people have space in their house which is a great feeling.

And she helps people get rid of broken things, things from the past that are not needed anymore. And she also encourages people only to keep things that give them joy.

When you clear the clutter, you clear old energies and make space for the new.

There are so many synergies between a tidy home and a tidy mind. If your mind is cluttered, it doesn’t feel nice and you can’t think straight. You might feel confused, dizzy and stressed. It might affect your sleep, temper and decision making. But how do you tidy your mind and create space?

One of the most common phrases I hear from clients is ‘I think too much’. We are a thinking species and very good at it, but what they mean is their mind is so busy that they feel muddled. Their minds do not have space to organize thoughts and sort the useful ones out.

But why do you hold onto this mind clutter?

  • Is it a habit and you just don’t know how to be different?
  • Are you scared deep down of moving on and facing changes? If you let go of your thinking who are you really? And what might you really want? And what will you think and do instead?
  • People with cluttered minds know they want to feel different and when this feeling gets strong… the feeling of wanting to move away from the bad feelings and move toward something different. That’s usually when they seek help


What would decluttering your mind feel like?

If you had space in your mind you would:

  • Feel more relaxed
  • Be more creative
  • Feel more in control
  • Have more head space to focus on the really important things
  • Be able to prioritise more easily
  • Be easier to be around
  • Sleep better


Is your mind full of junk?

Could you imagine if you kept all the possessions you had acquired throughout your life? Your home would be bulging! You wouldn’t be able to move or clean. A good de-clutter feels good and the same is true for your mind. Some people like to talk over their thoughts with a counsellor and a lot of people have CBT and I see a lot of clients who have tried these treatments.

What’s different about Hypnotherapy is it actually changes how you feel, without talking about things for hours. It teaches you how to relax and find calm yourself after your sessions have ended. You will find a deeply calm place within in you which once you have connected with, comes automatically into your life. As if you were designed that way.


You are not alone

It can be difficult to make changes on your own so I have created a free online course to help you naturally heal symptoms of depression. You can sign up for the free depression relief course here.


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