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Relax At Home With Self Hypnosis

Try Mindfulness To Reduce Your Stress In Worthing And Online

How much of the time do you feel stressed?

They call stress ‘the silent killer’. Often, stress builds up over time and you might not realise how bad it has got until you start to unwind. Maybe you go on holiday and the first few days you are just so tired. Or maybe even ill. Or maybe it takes you a few jittery days to even get into holiday mode because you have forgotten how to switch off and unwind.

As you start to unwind, you realise how tense your jaw and shoulders were. How full your mind was to the extend where you may have disconnected from your family and friends and how you’ve forgotten how to enjoy yourself.


Try this now

Just relax your jaw now. Let it relax and go floppy. Let all the tension leave your jaw. Does that feel different? Stress means we forget to ‘check in’ with ourselves. Notice how our bodies feel and how we are slipping away from ourselves.

This is why I teach people self-hypnosis. So when I have helped them reduce their stress they can connect back to the calm inside themselves any time they want or need to themselves. It’s a life skill and one you can use nearly anywhere, anytime to unwind and restore.


Without stress your life will be more enjoyable

Even though modern life is busy with home, work, relationships, children, money and all the other stuff,  your new relaxation skills will help you be more aware of your stress levels and able to reset when you need to.


We can work together in Worthing, West Sussex or on online.  Contact me now for your free consultation so you can ask any questions and find out more let’s chat


If you need help right now


I realise that it might be out of working hours, but you may need help right now so I offer Hypnosis downloads which you can buy and download for immediate relief. I recommend ‘Calm Me’ which you can buy here 



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