Invite Honey Lansdowne to speak or collaborate on your podcast, in your community or at your face to face event.

Honey is a creative and original speaker or writer on the topics below 



Mental health  

Women’s wellbeing

Imposter syndrome


Self discovery

Stop smoking or vaping



Self esteem



Women’s ADHD

Wellbeing at work

Walking in nature

What are the charges for Honey to speak at an event?

It really does depend so please do book a discovery call so we can talk about what it is you are looking to acheive and how Honey can best help you create impact in your community, membership, publication, charity, school or company. 

What materials can Honey provide as a collaborator or guest?

In the past honey has provided audio recordings, pre recorded webinars, pre recorded podcasts, live podcasts, live webinars, slides, handouts, chapters for books, articles for magazines and newspapers, ebooks, worksheets and planners. All the material is original and created by Honey to add impact.


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Get your workbook now

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