Would you like to learn hypnosis or improve the hypnosis skills that you already have? 

You can learn hypnosis in person or learn hypnosis online with me.

Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest growing, most effective forms of therapy available today.

You could be part of this exciting therapy trend which helps people with issues like anxiety, depression, confidence, self-esteem, trauma, weight loss and stop smoking. And so many other things!

Are you ready to change your future and the future of others when you learn hypnosis?

Hi, I’m Honey Lansdowne I teach hypnosis & NLP in a way that you really ‘get it’.

I train various types of hypnosis & NLP techniques which are aimed to increase a hypnotherapist’s skill set. Nearly all my trainings are also suitable for counsellors, coaches, NLP practitioners and other therapists interested in helping their clients with subconcious transformation and healing.

Find detalis on this page for: complete regression (past lives, present life, future life), inner child healing, certificate in NLP, Simpson Protocol, introduction to hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift,  metaphors in therapy. Some are & in person, others online. 

In person training is held at Ham Manor Golf Club, Angermering, West Sussex 

You’ll also find details on this page of the hypnotherapy supervision, business coaching, websites and done for you content marketing services I offer.  

In-life regression training

In life regression – 1 day in person

Regression is not a mandatory part of a hypnotherapy session but a very useful way to heal life events and change the emotions associated with events to more positive ones. 

It’s also a very powerful way to help clients safely and gently review events, but it must be done properly. That’s what this course will teach you.

Past life regression training

Past life regression – 1 day in person

Part life regression is a way to take people on an insightful journey to a life or lives before this one.

It can be a very healing experience for people as they get insights into certain aspects of why things are. This new understanding can also help shift issues and emotions in their current lifetime.

I teach you how to do this with client safety at the forefront of the experience.

Future life progression training

Future life progression – 1 day online

Future life progression is an exciting way to review the future maybe 1 year, 3 years or 5 years from now.

It can help find clarity in times of uncertainty or confusion because the future vision is provided at a deep subconcious level. No more analysis paralysis or decision confusion, just a clear vision of the future.

Also, it’s no secret that the unconcious mind will try and get you what it thinks you want so FLP provides the vision to get there.

Inner child healing training

Inner child healing – 1 day online

We all have an inner child, we’ve all had a childhood. We often don’t remember some or all of our childhood and we don’t really understand how it shaped us until we are grown ups. 

Our childhood shapes who we are, how we behave, our beliefs and maps of the world. 

Sometimes there are traumatic events in our childhood, (these don’t need to be huge and we might not conciously know what they are). 

Inner child healing allows you to safetly connect with your inner child, heal the child and bring that healing all the way through your life to present day, which can have a profound effect on your adult self. 

Certificate in NLP training

Certificate in NLP – 2 days online

I describe NLP as a waking hypnosis. Rather than a formal trance state like hypnosis, NLP is usually done in an ‘eyes open’ state.

NLP Makes use of language patterns to understand someone’s unconcious ‘map of the world’ and then uses language patterns through a series of techniques, to make positive changes.

In this NLP diploma you’ll get an understanding of NLP and learn some cool NLP techniques that you can use stand alone or along with hypnosis, expanding your coaching or therapeutic skill set.

The Simpson Protocol Training

The Simpson Protocol – 3 days in person or 3 days online

The Simpson Protocol is a complete hypnosis training in it’s own right.

Suitable for new or established hypnotherapists who want to work ‘content free’ with clients, meaning the minimum information about the issue needs to be given to work with the issue.

Fabulous for clients who have issues so personal, that they don’t want to share all the details. Also good for private people who don’t like talking about stuff and therefore have been unable to get the help they need. 

I would describe Simpson Protocol as a holistic and spiritual style of hypnosis as it makes use of superconcious and has an ethos of possibility and expansion. 


Introduction to hypnotherapy training logo

Introduction to hypnotherapy – 1 day in person or online

If you have been curious about hypnosis for a while, this course will let you indulge your curiosity and learn some hypnosis inductions that you can use on the day and afterwards.

The course is less therapy and more practical which also makes it perfect for existing therapists and coaches who can to have more impact with their clients by utilising the power of the amazing subconcious mind.

This is a day that will not be at all boring!

Kinetic Shift Practitioner logo

Kinetic shift – 1 day in person or online

Kinetic shift is a one day hypnotherapy training course that is practical and practice, practice, practice.

Learn to work in a dynamic style and without scripts which will build your hypnotic confidence massively.

Metaphors in therapy training promo

Metaphors training – 1 day online

Metaphors are an excellent way to communicate with the subconcious mind but it can put you under pressure trying to think of them in client sessions. 

This training will give you some solid general metaphors to use with clients and also teach you a structure for creating your own on the fly so your therapy results fly!

Suitable for any type of talking therapist, NLP practitioners and coaches who want to work with their client’s subconcious.


Hypnotherapy business 90 day business transformation

With this programme, you also get: 20% off:

Any training

A new website

Monthly marketing content

Details of all products on this page

6 page website for therapists & coaches promo

New 6 page website for hypnotherapists, therapists & coaches

We build you a website with the key pages you need to start or grow your business. The website is built on wordpress, the most popular website application. 
Honey will capture your requirements so you get a website that reflects your personality as a therapist and appeals to the clients that you want to work with. 
Your website will have a the following key pages: Home, about, services, free offer, blog and contact. 
You can have a booking system & payment system if you would like one and we can also maintain the site for you so it stays working 24/7.
Monthly content packages for therapists & coaches promo

Monthly done for you marketing content

Marketeers are not often therapists too and therapist may prefer conducting therapy sessions than creating marketing content! 
But therapists in private practice want to reach the clients that they can help the most and that’s where the marketing comes in.
If you have tried to create regular social media posts, blog regulary or keep your website up to date yourself but don’t have time or the inclination, we can do it for you.
With flexibility at the core of our services, our monthly marketing content package let’s you select the content you want and leave it to us to deliver it 🙂
Monthly supervision for hypnotherapists promo

Monthly 121 hypnotherapy supervision

There will be times where you just need to share your thoughts about working with a client with someone. And what are your options?
You could ask in one of the free facebook groups and work your way through the answers provided, or even get criticised for the way you dealt with things.
You could read books, watch videos for inspriation/ideas.
Or you could just have 30 minutes a month to use as you choose with me and ask about anything you like and get fast, honest and experienced answers.
You get 30 minutes a month that you can use on a call, via whats app text or chat, SMS or email. You will get the support you need, when you need it so you are set up for success in every eventuality.


So why learn hypnosis?

If you are an existing therapist, you can offer hypnosis as an extra service to your clients and have extra impact.

You may be:


A yoga teacher


An NLP practitioner


A coach


An EFT practitioner


A counsellor


A psychologist


A mindfulness or meditation practitioner

All of these therapies lend themselves perfectly to learning hypnosis. You will already have an understanding of the unconcious mind and be working with it in your sessions.

Hypnotherapy will allow you to expand your understanding of the unconcious mind and help your clients harness the power of their unconcious minds to get the results they seek.

You are also equipping your clients with skills for life, as all hypnosis is self hypnosis and you will able to teach them how to make the most of this amazing ability to explore, expand and heal ourselves. 

You will the edge over others in your field and will never struggle to help clients that are stuck or have deep rooted issues, such as anxiety or depression again.

Come and learn hypnosis in person or learn hypnosis online with me.

If you are looking for a change of career, being a hypnotherapist is one of the  most rewarding and interesting choices that you could possibly make.

Maybe you feel:


Like you are in a work rut


That your work lacks meaning, direction or purpose


Bored by your work


Like you want a job where you really connect with people


Confused about why you can't get motivated for work like you used to


That you want to make a real difference in the world


That you want to work less hours so you have time for family and hobbies


Fed up with being miserable in your job and being treated as a 'number' rather than a human being


Unable to create or maintain the relationships you crave


Like you have the ability and desire to heal and help others

Come and learn hypnosis online or learn hypnosis in person with me.

A few resources that might interest you about hypnosis and hypnotherapy

I was already into personal development and a qualified NLP Master Practitioner by the time I decided to learn hypnosis. Once I became a  hypnotherapist, it was love at first sight!

I had been using NLP to help people overcome negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, but I wanted something that allowed for healing at a deeper level. And hypnosis was it. Hypnosis allows clients to heal, as well as make the changes they seek.

I’d like to share with you some of the best books, talks and other resources I’ve come across over the past 20 years as a coach and therapist. I think you will find them useful whether you decide to learn hypnosis or not.

                                                  Here are 10 great reasons to learn hypnosis


All hypnosis is self hypnosis so once learnt, it becomes a tool for life


Hypnosis heals at a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and soul level. It is the most complete therapy available


Hypnosis can be used for hundreds of issues but most issues have their roots in fear, shame, trauma and feelings of not being good enough. Hypnosis can help them all


Hypnotherapy is a natural remedy with no side effects


Hypnotherapy is a cost effective way to reduce anxiety and depression, lose weight or stop smoking


Hypnosis helps people get new jobs, find partners, pass their driving test and overcome phobias like fear of flying and going to the dentist. It changes lives!


Being a hypnotist is a never ending journey of discovery, development and curiosity. There is nothing more fulfilling than using it to help people


Booking a hypnosis session is faster than getting treatment on the NHS and it is confidential


You can have the variety of being a general hypnotherapist or become a specialist by choosing a niche area to work in


You will find yourself part of a worldwide network of people passionate about helping others and making the world a better place!

Finding the right hypnotherapy training can be a daunting task.


You know you want to add to your skills, learn more about yourself, do your own ‘work’ and create a flourishing career and hypnosis is perfect for all of that.

But maybe you are unsure which hypnotherapy training provider to choose? Here is a bit about me which might help you make up your mind. And please do get in touch with any questions (and I mean any!).

Many trainers will teach you hypnosis techniques, but I guarantee you will leave this training and be able to use what you learn right away. 

My unique guarantee is that when you learn hypnosis with with me you will feel satisifed competent and confident. 


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