Hypnosis as a treatment for anxiety and depression

What is hypnosis?

The first question people usually ask about hypnotherapy is ‘will I know what I am doing?’. And the answer is absolutely, yes. Although everyone can be hypnotised, you have to want to be and give your consent. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural state you enter many times a day. It occurs when your concious mind (the smaller part of your mind) is bypassed, so that your subconcious is fully present.

Your concious mind is the part of your mind that is analytical, rational and holds your short term memory. Your subconcious mind holds your emotions, permanent memory and is all about your self preservation.

Imagine your concious mind to be the camera of your life, taking pictures that you can recall to function and do your work, run your home etc. But your subconcious mind is like the video camera recording every single thing that has happened in your whole life, yes every blade of grass!

How can hypnosis help you?

Obviously the mind is a complex and large subject, but the way your mind codes information means that your subconcious sometimes causes unhelpful emotions or habits.

Hypnosis helps you change your thoughts or behaviour with: 

In hypnosis, I have a conversation with you subconcious mind to release anything that is affecting you negatively and feel better. Which you may have not felt in a while, if ever at all.

Because your subconcious mind is all about self preservation and keeping you safe, once changes have been made in hypnosis, you can be sure that the changes will stick and you things will be different.

You can read a blog about how what hypnosis feels like here.

I help clients using hypnosis in Worthing, Shoreham-By-Sea, Lancing, Brighton and throughout Sussex. I also see a lot of clients on online worldwide.

Hypnosis allows you to get therapy ‘content free’

Content free therapy means that you don’t have to talk about the issue directly, unlike therapies like counselling and psychotherapy. You just talk about the feelings and emotions or how you want your life to be different.

Often your concious mind isn’t able to articualte the issue in a straightforward way anyway because everything is held at an unconcious level. So it makes complete sense to not keep talking about the problem but to change how the problem is amaking you feel.

I am experienced at working with deep state hypnosis which means issues and problems are solved at the root cause so the therapy outcome lasts.

I work directly with your subconcious to address any issue that may be causing a problem.  This  allows the session to take place ‘content free’ which means you don’t have to talk about the issue if you don’t want to.

Your subconcious does what it is best at and works with your best interests as its main priority and during the session heals and restores you at mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and soul level. Like a full service! People get great results for their issues, reach levels of relaxation they never thought possible and have more peace and well being.

In my experience, this is the gentlest, most effective way to heal any kind of trauma. If you have long standing issues and you’ve tried other things, the hypnosis may be the answer that you are looking for.

Let’s chat about how hypnosis can help you and you can ask me any questions you like.