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Hypnotherapy for women’s healthy weight loss

Effortless Weight Loss

Why Hypnotherapy for losing weight is so effective

There are a number of reasons why people put on weight or find it difficult to lose weight and keep it off without help. Hypnotherapy is often one of the last resorts and the most successful. I offer ‘Hypno Gastric Band’ which convinces the body that a gastric band has been fitted and controls eating on a long-term basis. I also offer traditional weight loss hypnotherapy which explores reasons for overeating and resolves them.

Changing your diet and body is a big deal. Not to be underestimated! It helps greatly if you understand the real reasons you want a healthier diet. These will be different for everyone and it can be hard to understand the real real reasons. When I work with clients who want Hypnotherapy for weight loss, we spend a lot of time getting to their ‘why’. Your ‘why’ will be the driving force in your successful weight loss.


 What’s your real why to lose weight?

Your why will be based around ‘away from’ or ‘towards’ mentality because this is how we tend to work when we are motivated.

Some examples of ‘away from’ are:

  • Not wanting health issues
  • Not wanting to be overweight
  • Not wanting people to comment on your weight


Some examples of ‘towards’ are:

  • Wanting to look a particular way
  • A special occasion like a wedding
  • Achieving a goal
  • Trying to get pregnant
  • Wanting to be fitter


There is no right or wrong, but there is usually one thing that stands out above the rest (easy to find in Hypnotherapy which accesses the unconscious mind which is where your deep routed beliefs and desires are held).

Once you have your real real reason why, remind yourself of it often and especially when you are feeling like you want to give into temptation.


How Hypnosis makes it easy for you to lose weight

Hypnosis will work with your unconscious mind to help it understand that although it might think it’s comforting you with food that taste nice, it isn’t making you happy. With the unconscious on-board, healthy eating is easier and more long term. You are using the greater part of your mind (said to be up to 90%!) to make the changes.

Hypnosis can help you stop eating sugar and unhealthy food, drink more water and want to exercise more. But above and beyond this it works to ‘sooth and smooth’ any outstanding issues that cause you to eat in a way that doesn’t nourish your body.

We also work through any issues you have about the way your body looks because it helps to love your body to want to nourish it. Let’s not forget that every cell in your body hears every thought you have and every word you say so thinking and saying unpleasant things about yourself is not helpful. All this sounds hard maybe as you read this now, but that’s because we haven’t started your treatment yet 🙂

 In your Hypnotherapy weight loss plan I work with you to:

  1. Resolve any issues that make you overeat
  2. Discover your true why and motivation to lose weight
  3. Help your unconscious mind to say ‘yes’ to a healthy lifestyle easier for you
  4. Reduce sugar in your diet
  5. Increase your self-esteem and confidence
  6. Help you love your body and yourself more


You are starting a weight loss transformation, I would love to help you 

We can work together in Worthing, West Sussex or on online.  Contact me now for your free consultation so you can ask any questions and find out more let’s chat


If you need help right now

I realise that it might be out of working hours, but you may need help right now so I offer Hypnosis downloads which you can buy and download for immediate relief. I recommend ‘Successful Weight Loss Package’ which you can buy here 


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