Go Sugar Free With Hypnosis

Go Sugar-Free

How Hypnosis can help you go sugar-free

Going sugar free or reducing sugar intake is much easier with Hypnosis.

Sugar is an addictive substance. There is the physical addiction and then the habit. Removing the sugar from the body can be done quite easily by just not having it for a few days. The habit needs to be addressed by changing your mindset.

Hypnotherapy helps increase the power of your mind to move towards a life that doesn’t depends on sugar for energy, happiness or satisfaction. You can eat less sugar quite easily.

There are many sugar-free authors and whilst I love their books and recipes, what these books are not able to address is the mental and emotional need and desire for sugar. For many people, this is stronger than the physical need. Which is why my Hypnotherapy sugar free programme is different. It has the Hypnosis element to remove your need for sugar.


What’s the problem with eating sugar anyway?

For the occasional and moderate sugar eater, there might not be a problem. But if you someone that uses it as an emotional crutch or find yourself addicted, it can make you feel bad about yourself and cause weight gain.

Many people have a sweet tooth but sugar is highly addictive and has little nutritional value. When sugar is consumed, it raises blood sugar levels. When the blood sugar drops, it causes tiredness and often more sugar is consumed and the cycle starts again. My unique combined Hypnotherapy and NLP treatment stops you eating sugary foods, regulates your energy levels and results in weight loss.


The effects of eating too much sugar

  1. Energy dips. So tired at times in the day you feel like you need to have a sleep because you just can’t function
  2. Out of control. An insatiable desire for sugary foods. Looking for the next ‘fix’
  3. Worrying how you will function without it
  4. Using it as a source of pleasure
  5. Spending lots of money on sugary foods.
  6. Falling into a ‘savoury’ then ‘sweet’ trap. This one reminds me of Christmas binging but the problem is it is happening every day
  7. Weight gain
  8. Lack of glow
  9. Small pimples on skin
  10. Disrupted sleep
  11. Mood swings
  12. Worry about eating too much sugar and its effects on your body
  13. Feeling addicted.
  14. Guilt about setting a bad example to your children


Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sugar is addictive and easy to get your hands on. Unfortunately it is also hidden in a lot of the food and drink you consume and you might not even realise it. But it is not good for you. Your body is not designed to cope with large amounts of sugar and whilst most things, sugar is ok in moderation. But maybe sugar is a problem they you would rather be without?



How will you feel when you overcome a sugar addiction?

The first thing is a sense of freedom! When you are addicted to sugar, it can feel like it is controlling you. Removing those craving and the feeling that you ‘need sugar’ sets you free and:

  • It will stop the misery of sugar filled days and guilt around eating too much sugar
  • It will put you in control of your nutrition
  • You will feel amazing and find your glow
  • You will have the satisfaction of overcoming your addiction
  • You may lose weight
  • You will be taking steps to improve your health

How can you go sugar-free?

We can work together in Worthing, West Sussex or on online.  Contact me now for your free consultation so you can ask any questions and find out more let’s chat


If you need help right now

I realise that it might be out of working hours, but you need help right now so I offer Hypnosis downloads which you can buy and download for immediate relief. I recommend ‘Sugar-free Me’ which you can buy here.


I also offer an effective online programme for you to use in your own home. I have my Hypnosis skills and nutritional experience to devise a programme that lets you cleanse your body of sugar naturally and change your mindset towards eating sugar. You can buy the online programme here for £19.99.


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