Anxious thoughts that affect sleep are quite common for anxious people. It’s almost like the worries of the day are whizzing around in your mind along with the worries about tomorrow. This can make you feel edgy at bedtime and affect your ability to fall asleep or stay asleep.
A good technique for offloading these anxious feelings is to write a list. Lists are a concise and easy way to get stuff out of your head and clear your thoughts.
If you are already a ‘list writer’ ths will work well for you because rather than this being a to do list, it’s more of a list of things that you can put on paper and not worry about for now.
Maybe you like the idea of writing, keeping a diary of journal but somehow never find the time? It’s theraputic to write things down and get them out of your head, especially before you go to sleep, so this will be perfect for you.

Your anxious mind believes what it is told

Did you know your brain can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction? That’s why movies are so great. We get sucked into believing them and our emotions react just like it’s real.  Movies can make us cry, even though they are not real.
So if your brain doesn’t know what’s fact or fiction and you visualise something nice, you will have positive feelings. If you feed it calm thoughts, it will ease into them. Visualising yourself without anxious thoughts before sleep is a very good thing to do.
By writing things down and giving thoughts names, it can help clear up anxiety in the mind about what it is you feel or what it is you want.
Words have such power and often come from your subconscious. Writing things down and labelling things with words can really help us shift the past and lift anxious thoughts and worries.
The power of words is amazing. Kind words can change lives, especially kind words towards ourselves. That voice in your own mind is the most powerful voice of all.

Say goodnight to anxious thoughts tonight

So are you up for it? It may only take a few minutes and you can do it before bed or in bed!
You will only need a pen and paper. Then make a list of
Once they are on the paper move them away and snuggle down into a worry free sleep, knowing that tomorrow is another day and a chance to start afresh.

For deeper relaxation and calm thinking get in touch

I help people overcome anxious thoughts on a regular basis, let’s chat about how I can help you get the good nights sleep you are desperate for.


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