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How to do the work that lights you up
 and gets you paid
90 Minute Online Coaching Session with Honey Lansdowne

This specially crafted session will put an end to your
‘I’m bored of my job’  woes,
your ‘how do I find my niche’  headache
and your

what can I do that makes me happy and gets money in the bank’  quest!

Sometimes When We Try And Figure These Things Out We Can’t See The Wood For The Trees.

We Forget What Our Strengths Are Or Lack The Confidence To Believe In Ourselves And Go For It!

This Session Will Help You Uncover Those Dusty Parts Of Yourself That Should Be Put On Display And Add Value To The World (Whilst Getting You Paid!).

 This Isn’t Any Old Coaching Session.

This Is Personal And Business Mixed Served With A Slice Of An Action Plan To Bring It All To Life.

Once You’ve Booked And Paid, You Will Receive Instructions On How To Join Your Session From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Wherever You May Be.

You Just Need A Computer, Tablet Or Phone To Join. Hello New Career!

Is it time for you to uncover your dream career?

I’m Honey Lansdowne and I’ve been coaching for over 20 years. My work has evolved into what I describe as ‘work of the self’ but what does that actually mean? 


“I was once afraid of people saying “Who does she think she is? Now I have the courage to stand and say, “This is who I am.”
Oprah Winfrey


The way I work with people is show them how to look at the past differently, enjoy the present and get excited about the future by thinking about things differently and really truly understanding themselves. 


When you understand yourself you unlock a new way of living where you focus your thoughts and energy on how you want life to be. Understanding the things that truly matter to you and letting go of those that don’t. 


Self Discovery leads to more clarity about things, more confidence in yourself and less need to compare yourself to others because you feel more comfortable in your own skin.


So take 90 minutes for yourself to find out how to do work that lights you up and get paid.  I am inviting you to enjoy the space to relax, gain clarity and enjoy some personal insights that make you say ‘wow’!

What clients say about Honey Lansdowne

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'Honey is really good at what she does, makes you feel at ease and is very easy to talk to. The therapies & techniques she uses have been really helpful and I feel very positive about their effect on my life! Thanks Honey' 


Happy woman at the beach

'Amazing experience and Honey is so good at making the positives coming from within. Honey is so supportive every step along the way'


So what are you waiting for?

secret recipe

Let's start doing the work that lights you up
and gets you paid!  
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