Healthy eating for many is an erratic thing. But it really pays if you suffer from low mood to try and be consistent in your efforts to maintain a healthy diet.

We are physical, mental and spiritual beings and it’s nice to nourish all these parts of ourselves, but often we drop the ball on one or more and end up not feeling good about it. When you drop the ball on healthy eating you may feel it in your energy levels by gaining weight or by having a ‘low mood’ or depressed feelings.

The way we fuel our bodies can make an incredible difference to how we feel, how much energy we have, our skin, our eyes, sleep, exercise, happiness. In fact nearly everything. So by focusing on healthy eating we can make sure our bodies and minds are nourished to best serve us. If we love our bodies and minds, they love us back.

Why can it be hard to maintain healthy eating?

Have you ever had a stint of healthy eating and noticed the benefits, only to slip back into unhealthy ways, tempted by sugar, fat and salt or the ‘easy option’? Maybe you put on more weight than you lost or just couldn’t get into the healthy eating flow.

This is the part that really interests me as a hypnotherapist. Mindset plays a part in all areas of our lives and it particularly comes into play with eating. Most people know that vegetables are good for you and things that rustle before you eat them are not!

But that doesn’t stop us overdoing it on ‘treats’. When it fact they are not ‘treats’ at all. They may taste nice for the short time they are in your mouth but after that they are not nice to your body.

When we think about ‘treating’ ourselves, we should actually be thinking that eating something nutritious is the treat!

Which of these can you relate to? Are you:

  • Putting on more and more weight
  • Suffering with low energy when you’re eating unhealthy food
  • Using sugar to give yourself an energy boost
  • Wishing you had better digestion
  • Feeling like your eating is out of control
  • Looking for inspiration for meal planning
  • Wanting to change your mindset around food and eating
  • Trying to find your ‘why’ to eat a healthier diet
  • Ready to make a change to your diet

Key factors in healthy eating

Here are the principles to maintain healthy eating:
Planning what you are going to eat
Understanding your why
Mindset to be consistent
Preparing food                                                                                                                                                                                         

Knowing what to eat
Information to keep things interesting
New benefits to you

And yes, that spells pumpkin


I can help you to maintain healthy eating and a happier mood

It helps you think about why you want to take healthy eating seriously and plan to make it happen. Book in for a free chat about this. 

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