You may be curious to find out what self-hypnosis is and you might wonder if it’s something that you could do?

Self hypnosis is the ultimate self help tool for dealing with anxiety and depression, releasing worries and negative thinking and working towards your dreams, goals and ambitions in a safe way. 

Do you sometimes feel like your mind is your enemy? 

Your mind is more powerful than the most powerful computer on the planet. It takes in every single thing you see, hear, smell, taste, experience or feel. It absorbs those things and creates beliefs and patterns of thinking which can work both for and against you.

So although life can be good, your thinking can be negative and as a result you might feel low, less confident or less worthy than you should or could be feeling.

The problem is, we are never really taught how our minds work or how to help ours minds work better for us. And once you understand how to tap into the power of you own mind with hypnosis, you really can offload the things you don’t want and get more of the things that you do want.

Why not try self hypnosis?

My self hypnosis workshops will teach you about how your mind works, the process to follow to go into self hypnosis whenever you choose and give you several experiences of trance so you know how that feels.

You will be making friends with your mind and you will be amazed at how it will state to work in a more positive way for you.

What can self hypnosis help you with once you’ve learnt it?

Calming your mind

Some common things that people struggle with are being unable to settle their ‘busy’ minds or to stop worrying.  Both of these things can cause anxious thoughts and feelings to varying degrees. Hypnosis is a fabulous tool for managing anxiety because it bring about deep relaxation (in many cases like people haven’t felt before). And the best thing? Once you have connected to a place of relaxation inside yourself you will be able to return there easily. 

My claim to fame is that I can go into self hypnosis on the London underground in rush hour in less than a minute!


Letting go

Emotions can build up over time, most commonly anger, regret, guilt, grief, loss, trauma and sadness. And for some reason our mind holds onto those things like prized possessions, which you only realise they are not once you’ve had a glorious mental declutter and you feel much lighter and brighter. Hypnosis is amazing at releasing pent up emotions and setting you free.

Breaking unhelpful patterns

An unwanted habit is a pattern. Negative thinking is a pattern. Unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, procrastinating, loss of motivation and smoking are all patterns. Just things your brain has got used to doing almost on auto pilot.

The good news is that your brain is constantly reshaping (it has to as it keeps learning and adjusting all throughout your life). so although you may believe these patterns will be very difficult to change, by using hypnosis you give yourself a better chance. That’s because you are using the greater part of your mind, your unconcious.

Raising self-esteem and feeling good enough

Incredibly common to want a boost to your self-esteem, I can’t think of a single client who hasn’t wanted or needed this. Self-esteem is what drives all our feelings of being enough. In the modern world it is very useful to give yourself a top up as and when required with self hypnosis! When you feel enough, your whole world changes.

What do you do at a self-hypnosis workshop? 

​You will:

  • Access your unconcious mind to focus on your true desires and goals
  • Understand what hypnosis is and isn’t
  • Intuitively choose more positive thoughts
  • Learn about your unconcious mind
  • Know how to deeply relax
  • Experience a process so you access self hypnosis whenever you choose
  • Becoming more positive

And you’ll also get:

  • A warm welcome
  • Interactive exercises
  • Calming group hypnosis
  • Your choice of hypnosis recording from Honey’s online shop
  • Event booklet to take away
  • Magic 🙂
​And finally here are 10 great reasons to come to a self-hypnosis workshop
  1. It maybe something you’ve never done before
  2. Once you know how to do it you can do it yourself so it becomes a tool for life
  3. It’s time for you to stop and think about what you really what
  4. It’s a different way of finding answers 
  5. It accesses your all powerful unconcious mind and can create massive shifts
  6. You will have knowledge that helps you for life  
  7. You will meet new people
  8. You will feel better  
  9. Surprises await! You might be surprised at what you really want
  10. It will cut through overwhelm and confusion by allowing you to fully and deeply relax

Who is this workshop suitable for?

You will need to be over 16 years old and be open minded. Maybe you want to learn this to help yourself or maybe you are thinking of training with me to become a hypnotherapist yourself. Either way is fine and you can expect benefits in the your choice of thinking and exploration of your potential and inner power.

This is an ideal way to begin your introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy – experiencing hypnosis through self-hypnosis removes many of the myths and mystique.

You can start as an absolute beginner and I will guide you in how to deeply relax and access the power of your own mind. Maybe you’ve done some personal development or self-help before which is great, but this is theory and action combined. You will experience hypnosis several times in the workshop and will leave feeling good!

When you become a self-hypnosis pro you will find:
  • The more you do it, the better it gets 
  • You will understand yourself more at a deeper level
  • You can heal body, mind, soul, spirit and physical body 
  • You can release blocks 
  • You can find clarity 
  • You may feel more motivated, inspired and focussed 
  • You may feel more connect to yourself and others
  • You will feel calmer, more often 
  • You’ll feel more emotionally balanced
  • Your sleep may improve

​Come and join me at the next self hypnosis workshop. Tap into your subconcious and let your mind do the work it wants or needs to do. 

And while you wait for your workshop date to arrive, maybe you’d enjoy something from my freebies page 🙂

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