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Social Anxiety Treatment To Help Social Phobia

Is social anxiety making you miserable?

Do you find yourself saying yes to social occasions because you do want to go and join in but in the weeks and days leading up to the event you feel anxious about it. On the day itself you can’t go through with it and end up cancelling which upsets your friends, but you would rather that than go through with the going out which now feels like an ordeal.

Or maybe you have a work event coming up and you will need to socialise with people from work. Which feels so much harder than actually working with the same people! You create disaster scenarios in your mind of all the ways that you might embarrass yourself or make a mistake and on the day itself, you go along because you HAVE to really. But you find yourself being very quiet and leaving as soon as politely possible. When you get back to home or work you feel relived, but annoyed with yourself for not showing the people you work with the best of yourself.


Social anxiety can affect public speaking

Or maybe you find that public speaking puts you in a spin. You spend weeks sweating, worrying and working yourself into a frenzy. You might be physically sick before the event or have a mouth so dry it feels like you can’t speak at all. Your hands might feel like leaves in the wind and you might have tightness in the chest and short shallow breathing. What a nightmare!


Social anxiety affects finding a relationship

And maybe you want a relationship which means dating. That carries a whole host of issues around worrying what you look like, where you will meet them, what you will say and maybe you are worried about eating and drinking in front of people.


The common themes of social anxiety

Most things that induce social anxiety will involve concerns about being judged by others, making yourself look silly, being self-conscious and feeling a lack of confidence. You might worry about these and other things for weeks before they happen. Or even end up staying away from places or events where you think you might do something that will embarrass you.

What causes social anxiety disorder?

Researchers have found that several parts of the brain are involved in fear and anxiety. Sometimes stress and environmental factors may play a role. I can teach you about fear and anxiety in your brain and change how they feel for you.

So what can you do to help yourself if you suffer from social anxiety?

I give you some practical ways that you can help yourself in this blog.

So once you’ve lost your social anxiety, what do you have to gain?

  1. You will have a bigger network. The benefits of face to face networking are famous in business. It’s one of the best ways to build trust, create relationships, get advice and find out ‘the word on the street’. It’s a superb way to build your personal brand and credibility
  2. You will go to more places and have more experiences
  3. You will be more comfortable around strangers and as a result find it easier to make new friends
  4. You might do better at work by building better relationships and spending time socially with your colleagues
  5. You can support other people who are struggling
  6. You might meet the love of your life
  7. You will feel more confident


Get in touch today

In just 4 hours you will feel less anxious and more confident and do those things that you want to do. We can have a chat about how this will benefit you let’s chat

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