Help For Children’s Issues

Does your child need some support?

A few simple techniques can make all the difference to a child’s life (and the parents and rest of the family).

Children face numerous challenges…school, family, relationships, physical changes, learning and finding their identities. Their emotions are like raw nerves and they can easily become unhappy or stressed.

It can really be a problem when behaviours like sleep problems, anxiety, anger, stress, phobias, eating issues and bed wetting occur. If a child lacks These things can all significantly affect confidence or self-esteem which have a negative impact on their life and make for an unhappy time in their precious childhood.  Many parents are at a loss as to how o help their child.

It can be hard to secure help for your child through traditional channels and waiting lists can be long. Some therapists, like myself, have received special training to use suitable techniques with children. I teach the children I work with how to be calm, how to manage their emotions and how to feel more confident.

Children have a lot to deal with as they grow up. According to Young Minds, a UK charity for the mental health of children and young people, more than half of adult mental health problems began in childhood. Just like we would ask a dentist, doctor or optician to attend to any physical issue, we can use therapies to help with
matters of the mind. So children can be free of worries, able to cope with life and flourish.

A lot of teenagers find Hypnosis helps with study, exams and sporting activities. I’ve supported teenagers for many years through mentoring in the workplace and several voluntary roles. I believe this is an important time to offer support.

The biggest rise I have seen in my client base over the past year has been teenage girls. The rise in of social media; Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and others can impact self esteem at this delicate time. I help girls become more comfortable in their own skin and increase their confidence so they are more resilient. The relationship a girl has with herself is the most important one she will have in her life.

Issues that teenagers are facing:

  • Body image
  • Feeling sad
  • Depressed
  • Hiding from the world
  • Shame
  • Being bullied
  • Pressure of school
  • Academic performance
  • Lack of confidence
  • Relationships with others



Help available for teenagers

Most children and teenagers that I see in my Hypnotherapy practice in West Sussex and Worldwide on Skype, have never been taught about  how to protect and nurture their mental health.

Many parents have stress, anxiety and depression themselves. They don’t have the skills and techniques to support their teenagers through and often the last person a teenager wants to hear from is their parents! So there is this huge gap to fill.

The first thing that I teach children are easy techniques so they can discretley manage their own state. From the first session they go out the door knowing that they have tools for life. And these tools are cool! Only 250 practitioners Worldwide are using these skills and they are amazing. Teenagers love them.

I use Hypnosis too which is perfectly safe on children age 5+. Hypnosis on a teenager is practically the same as an adult but you use language that appeals to a teenager. I use that to introduce a huge feeling of calm into their lives because they are usually so tense and anxious and worried and stressed with all that’s going on. They can just escape all that and float away to relax and find that calm place inside themselves. They can reconnect to that calm place whenever they need because I teach them how to.

And what about mum and dad?

Being a parent can be testing, tiring and thankless! So if you need help unwinding, keeping your cool or getting creative on strategies to cope. Make your appointment 🙂