This 3 part healthy eating for good mental health blog is about healthy eating which will focus on your mindset, your body and your emotions. It is a non-judgmental place of inspiration and where you can pick up tips. And think about the impact of what you eat on your own mental heath.

Five ways that having a healthily eating mindset benefits mental health

Let’s look at five reasons healthy eating benefits mental health and maybe one of these will resonate with you.

1 – More energy

Think of a lightbulb that is running out and flickering. It can barely muster a steady glow. That’s what it can feel like to have low energy. It’s not a nice feeling. With low energy running the home and doing our jobs become much harder, not to mention having the will to exercise.

Although we have physical, mental and spiritual energy, the physical is very important for us to function! The more energy you have, the more you can enjoy life to the full.

2 – Better sleep

If you are pumping your body full of unhealthy ingredients and sugar this may affect your sleep. I don’t know how well you sleep but I know for sure when people go sugar free, they all tell me that their sleep improves.

When  you eat healthy food, your energy is more stable throughout the day. So when it comes to sleep time you are ready.

And with all that sleep, you will find you have a stronger mindset to continue your healthy eating.

3 – Appreciating your food

When you are not eating randomly you might find that you appreciate what you eat more.  Appreiciation is wonderful for mindset. You might find yourself more interested in food and eating a wider range of foods and enjoying the tastes and flavours more.

If you reduce the amount of chocolate, biscuits and sweets you eat, you might yourself enjoying other forms of sweetness like fruits and dried fruit. You have between 2000 and 5000 tastebuds just on the front and back of your tongue. Bring those tastebuds to life! This leads to feeling more satisfied and satisfaction can make a lot of difference to your quality of life and mindset.

4 – Lose weight with a healthy eating mindset

A by product of eating more healthily might be losing weight. This might be your big ‘why’. You might have higher self-esteem as a slimmer you. Or want to be able to wear different clothes. You might feel more attractive or be more agile when exercising.

Being overweight is considered a health risk. Fat in the viscal area (round your stomach) in particular is a risk as it squashes your organs and puts them under pressure. Your risk of diabetes and heart disease are higher if you are overweight.

5 – Treating yourself

We often use the word ‘treat’ when we are having unhealthy food. Maybe a chocolate bar or a takeaway. We do it with kids too. We use sweets as treats and bribes! But really these aren’t the treats our bodies want.

Your body wants nutrients, good fats, fibre so it can it can do its best work for you. Your body thinks a treat is something different. The good news is that you can have more as most healthy treats as on the whole, they are less calorie dense.

So maybe one of those five things will be your reason to eat a healthier diet, or maybe you have a ‘why’ of your own. I would love to hear it in the comments of this blog.


Your mindset can be changed

Did you know your brain is like plasticine in that it can easily change? This is called neuroplasticity. You brain is constantly being shaped by experiences and has the amazing ability to learn and adapt.

With every repetition of a thought or emotion, you can reinforce a neural pathway that exists or create a new one.
Neuroplasticity is like body building for brains, the things you do often you become stronger at, and what you don’t use fades away. So the more you have a healthy eating minset, the more it will stick.
The neuro connections in your brain are always stronger or weaker, depending on what is being used. All the work I do in my therapy practice is based on this amazing ability to change the way you think and feel.
This Ted talk on neuroplasticity by Lara Boyd is very interesting

The good news is that all these reasons for not eating healthily and nourishing yourself and your body can be changed. At any time! The power is in your hands.


You can get a healthy eating mindset with the weight loss hypnosis download bundle (5 hypnotic recordings included)


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Feeling more confident can be the gateway to great things in life. Imagine having the confidence to go for a new job or start your own business. Or to go on a date or make new friends. Confidence is the river that runs through most key events in life. Often highly skilled and competent people just don’t go for it because they lack confidence. Change that with this hypnotic download mp3 and get the confidence to help you do great things!

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3 – Have a healthier lifestyle

We all know a healthy lifestyle is good for our wellbeing but we often struggle to eat ell, hydrate and exercise in the way we want to. This effective hypnosis download mp3 will help you create and maintain healthy habits easily.
Often it’s stress standing in the way of us creating time to do the healthy things we need to. Or sometimes it a lack of self-care (either by not feeling deserving of caring for ourselves, putting others needs befor our own or simply not prioritising our needs). This download will help you prioritise your health and you will soon reap the benefits of doing so.

                                                                                                                                                                  4 – Loving your body

Feeling good about your body can really change your outlook on life. If you have a positive body image every day is easier because you feel good in your clothes and you will be more confident. This hypnosis download mp3 will really help you love your body more and want to nourish and nuture it in a loving way. When you feel more body positive you will be happier in your own skin and feel ready to face the world with the body you have.

5 – Overcoming emotional eating

This MP3 will help you overcome emotional eating by building your good feelings about yourself and increasing your resilience to emotional ‘blips’.  Not only will you feel better about only eating when you actually need to but you will feel more emotionally balanced and just all round more in control.

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