Healthy eating – Day 9. Guest blogger Jacqui Malpass shares her food diary

A day in the food diary of Jacqui Malpass

Roughly two months ago, I had the brilliant idea of getting a well woman test. The test came back – you have an overactive thyroid. I was naffed off as you can imagine. After doing some research, I went back to the doctors with my nutrition plan. He gave me six weeks to prove I could turn everything back to normal. Of course, I did!

In addition to my already fab diet, I gave up gluten, nightshades (potatoes, peppers, aubergines, goji berries and tomatoes). There were days that I opened the fridge and thought what am I going to eat. Or screaming up the walls because I wanted cake. And then I thought ‘get off your ass and experiment.’

On Sunday, for example, I started the day, as normal with a glass of water and a doggie walk. I have become a ‘how to drink water properly’ freak. On returning, it’s another glass of water and a 30 minute wait until my taste buds were delighted with fresh figs from my neighbour with a touch of Greek yoghurt (I can’t quite get this out of my system, just yet), with Maca, Baobob and raw chocolate.

One of my absolute must haves is variety, so on other days it’s out with my Nutribullet and a concoction of some description, usually with avocado, chia, ginger, turmeric and raw chocolate featuring amongst other ingredients. Smoothies are rarely planned, more mmmm what do I fancy?

My banana bread treat

After a few hours of writing I am usually busting for chocolate and with none to be found (I simply do not buy crap), I have to make some. Chocolate truffles can be melting in my mouth in about 20 minutes.

My what cake can I make is typically based on a banana bread recipe. If I don’t have bananas I use whatever is to hand. The last chocolate ‘bread’ I made was with beetroot and raw chocolate. 1 hour later and I have cake. I never realised how easy it is to have cakes (gluten and sugar-free) and chocolates until I found myself in a position of needing to make them. It is so easy

Lunch is a small affair

Lunch is always a small affair. Gluten free crackers, humus (home-made), avocado and an apple or crackers, almond butter, goats cheese and an apple. To be honest, I am rarely hungry during the day, but at least I know that I have had something.

The evening sees us wandering out to the rambla (dried river bed) for our evening sniff and then it’s back to staring forlornly in the fridge. The fridge is packed with organic veggies; my brain is however not always packed with inspiration.

A few times of opening and closing said fridge door, and I can devise something yummy – though not always. Today, for example, I have already decided on sweet potato tortilla with a massive salad and a cheeky glass of cider. My rules about not drinking with food are often broken in the evening. Life can’t be all about being good can it?

Embrace the hard facts

If you find yourself faced with hard facts that mean that you have to change your lifestyle, please embrace it. My diet is amazing, and I eat fantastically well.

Things don’t always work out, like the time I thought I had defrosted lentil burgers, and it was biscuit mix. Tasted odd fried (in coconut oil) with veg, but there you go.

Making lots of something, bread, cakes, burgers, casseroles / stews, hummus, means that when inspiration leaves me, I can hunt around in the freezer and usually find something I fancy.

A note from Honey….

Thank you Jacqui for sharing your food diary with us. I shall be making the banana bread.

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