Healthy eating – Day 10. Guest blogger Orlaith Brogan on why eating healthy is not expensive

Eating healthy is not expensive !!

I am not a football fan but my fiancé loves it. Recently he finally persuaded me to come to watch his favourite team play. I was hesitant until I realised he had corporate tickets so I agreed to come and looked forward to the free prosecco.

The corporate area was lovely and it was full of families and we sat next to a father and daughter on their weekly trip to the football. We got chatting to them and he explained that as a lifelong football fan he brought his daughter there every week (even to the away games) and he loved the family time with her. They had such a close connection that it was lovely to be a part of it, if only for a very short time.

Football matches have a great atmosphere, cheers, screams, claps and most important of all …. the food. Everywhere you look there is someone eating pizzas, burgers or chips. It being a Saturday and because I fancied joining in as much as possible I asked the gentleman beside me if the food was nice. He pointed at his daughter, who was thoroughly enjoying a slice of pizza, and said it was lovely. The pies were the best but the pizza lasted longer. He went on to explain that they spend a fortune every weekend as nothing seemed to fill them up. He even listed all of the unhealthy food he and his daughter had eaten the week before. I asked if they had any healthier choices too and he laughed saying healthy food would be even more expensive.

Now I was not having this conversation with the intention of judging what he eats or feeds his daughter so rather than respond with my thoughts on healthy eating being quite cheap (and providing all the nutrients so you don’t need to eat more and more) I excused myself and went to get some chips (which I thoroughly enjoyed!).

Satisfy your true desires

Chatting to my fiancé on the way home, I asked him when people started to genuinely believe that healthy eating was expensive? It actually shocks me that people believe that eating healthily costs more than buying food that never satisfies your true desires. We had a fantastic day but with a trip to the football and a lovely dinner afterwards ( a delicious gluten free veggie pizza), we had spent almost £50 and when i got home I had some fruit as I was still hungry (not to mention how little energy I had) !!

When did we become brainwashed into thinking that in order for food to fill us up, we have eat unhealthy food? When did we decide this for our children too?

Healthy eating is cheap if you plan


Eating healthy, for me, is cheap ! I use my Sundays to plan my week ahead and very seldom spend more than £50 on our weekly shopping!

A day in the life for me is:

Breakfast is usually fruit or vegetable juice. I like to eat my fruit on an empty stomach so make a fruits salad. My favourite is banana, strawberry and green grapes. I take my juicing very serious and usually juice enough for 2-3 breakfasts with my favourite being pineapple, kale and ginger (and then I mix in some wheatgrass powder and blend it with an avocado).

Lunch is often some gnocchi with a vegan pesto with a huge salad. On a Sunday, I often make some tomato, lentil and smoked paprika soup in the slow cooker (pop in some onions, celery, carrot, tomatoes and stock for a couple of hours and when it’s nearly cooked add the lentils …. lots of smoked paprika throughout. You cannot go wrong with this and it tastes even better after a night in the fridge).

Dinner is usually roast veg (sweet potato, carrot and potato) with tofu and salad. My fiancé makes the best roast vegetables and they taste amazing. I add lots of salad and make it really exciting with spiralised carrot and courgettes. Snacks can be anything from raw veg to more veggie juice.

I am human and will enjoy my ‘unhealthy meals’ but I make sure I listen to my body afterwards- how do I feel. Am I stuffed or do I feel just right. Then I remember these feelings the next time I want to have these unhealthy foods.

Orlaith is founder and owner of the Naked Sales Coach in Edinburgh.

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