Healthy blog – day 5. Why guest blogger Sam Heywood-Cox loves Mondays

Our third guest blogger is Sam Heywood-Cox North Staffordshire. Here Sam tells us why she loves Mondays.

Mondays Are My Favourite Day:

For most Monday is a daunting thing – a full week of work to look forward to with all of the pressures and pains of balancing life and work. For me it’s different, Mondays for me return me to balance and new possibilities and most importantly my weekly trip to the local well known diet club.

My journey began in March 2015, prompted largely by two items of clothing:

  1. I bought jeans from M&S (a usually generous manufacturing size) in a size 14.
  2. So, I went to get some “spanx” type underwear to stop the wobble and, when I put them on at home…Muffin Tops!

I was mortified. I had always been slimmer but the post-baby weight was just not shifting.


With head hung low and without a word to anyone other than my husband I arrived at the group. Standing on those scales for the first time was terrifying and I was shocked at how much I weighed. I vowed to change.

Roll on to Now:

Mondays are great. I have been at target since 5th October 2015 and I love it.

After dropping my daughter at school I do the shopping according to the meal plan written over the weekend – doing it this way means there is virtually no waste and I am not tempted by the two for one offers which means we save money too.

There are still snacks in for my husband and daughter but the trolley is filled largely with the 229 free to eat any time, any amount foods and some store cupboard staples.

It helps that I enjoy cooking, my husband and son have been really fussy eaters so I am the master of invention and hidden veg.

I work on my business until 2:45 p.m. and always walk to collect my daughter from school; a little daily exercise goes a long way.

If dinner is more involved than freezer to over to plate I prepare what I can, come 5:15 p.m. I am off to group. (I have even coerced a friend into coming and she looks and feels great too).

The group is a wonderful experience, I have made friends, been able to help others and now get regular exercise by helping promote the group through leaflet delivery.

At first it felt daunting facing the scales but, with very small changes to the way I cook and the ingredients used, it has been easy to implement. Even on the weeks where I have gained rather than lost (and believe me it is about 50:50) going to the group has given me support and encouragement, and some great food ideas, including new ingredients (kohlrabi?).

Moreover the group and the weight loss has given me back my body confidence. I see myself in a shop window and see a beautiful lady rather than the leggings and baggy jumpers of 2014. I smile more, I dress better and have even gone back to wearing short skirts.

I am now embarking on a career as a wellness coach – not for this particular diet plan but generally to help people hit their own personal goals.

For me it was about finding my self-confidence and in finding a regime that suited my life-style I have certainly done that. There are so many options for health available out there that you are bound to find one thing that suits you.

My Go To Brunch:


Wholemeal toast


Wilted spinach and dry friend mushrooms and tomatoes

Two dry fried eggs


About me:

Sam is 44 years old and has two children. She lives in North Staffordshire with her husband and daughter, her grown up son lives up the road and comes home regularly for meals. Sam runs an MLM selling cards, wrapping, stationery and more. She is also a wellness coach with a continued professional development plan in place.

You can read her daily blog at [email protected] and is on Facebook as

A note from Honey….

Thank you Sam for that insight into your life and brunch!

What this blog is:
  • This is a 30 day blog about health eating where different people will share their thoughts and experience
  • This is a non-judgmental place of inspiration
  • This is a place to learn, pick up tips and think about your own eating
What this blog isn’t:
  • This isn’t a weight loss plan. Although losing weight is often a by-product of eating a healthier diet! I do help people lose weight with Hypnotherapy but that is not the purpose of this blog.
  • It isn’t a place to feel regret about the situation of your health right now. Today is a chance to make changes!

Do you know what you are eating?

Yesterday’s product was white bread.

Can you guess today’s product from it’s ingredients?



Let us know in the blog or facebook comments! I will let you know the answer here tomorrow.

Here’s the plan:

  • Read the blog each day. Get involved. comment, share your thoughts and wisdom
  • If you want to be accountable and use this as an opportunity to improve your diet and see how much better you can feel in just 30 days then go for it
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See you tomorrow.

Healthy hug 🙂



Honey Lansdowne is a successful Hypnotherapist in Worthing. She uses Hypnosis, NLP and 20 years coaching experience to help people overcome anxiety and depression in person and online.