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I changed my mindset

If your serious about changing yourself as a person or altering a certain mind set for the better, Honey Lansdowne is the go to person. She has helped me build my mental strength up especially going through harder times making it much more durable to cope with. I also now believe that I work harder and push myself to be a more successful individual.

Nikolett Young

I stopped smoking after 30 years!

I travelled to see Honey from London back on the 19th of May and to my amazement I have stopped smoking after 30+ years. It has definitely worked for me!

John Mccarthy

Honey is such a lovely gifted lady. Her voice is very calming and she makes you feel so welcome. Not only she is an experienced hypnotherapist but she is very caring and supportive.

Honey genuinely tries to help her clients and she's got the client's best interest at heart. I went to see Honey as I went through a phase of constant worrying. She helped me a lot to regain my confidence and to believe in myself. It is not a gimmick, it really works.

I would definitely recommend her service to anyone. Keep up your good work Honey and thank you.

Josephine Sharples

One day I said to my partner, I really want to lose weight but having such a sweet tooth I found it almost impossible to do. I lived in marshmallow heaven and peanut m'ms city. I asked my son if he had any ideas of how I could go about losing the weight. He said what about Hypnotherapy. So I looked it up on the computer and came across Honey Lansdowne. I read all about her and decided that was the one for me.

It was a bit more than I had in mind but I thought that if she is as good as it says on the internet then it must be worth it. When I first met Honey, we hit it of straight away. Honey told me that she could change the way I think in 4 one hour meets.

I don't quite know or fully understand what she done to me but it worked. I have not had sugar for nearly 3 months. Not only have I have not had any sugar, I don't want sugar. My diabetes sugar levels have gone from 23 down to 6. I cant remember when it was that low but I know its at least 3 years ago.

I owe Honey so much for what she has done for me. I've lost weight and more importantly I've lost the sugar. Please please go to Honey if you need help with any condition you need help with. It works it rearly does work. Honey is a warm and very welcoming person and I know she knows her stuff. Thanks Honey

Jayne Peacock

Honey is just incredible. The whole experience of meeting and speaking to her is more than you would imagine, you can learn so much about yourself and the reasons for your issues.
I went to see her for my anxiety problems, and with a combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP it really, really helped. The Hypnotherapy is so relaxing id never felt so chilled out before!! She gave me some tips to rake home with me in between sessions which was really exciting and I still use now 🙂
I've would MOST DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone who needs help.

Abi White

What an experience!

I went to Honey, as i have had alot of problems with stress. I was very nervous when i first walked in, but Honey made me feel relaxed straight away. She did some exercises with me and Hypnotised me. I have to say I have felt great ever since and Honey gave me some useful tips on what to do if I feel stress coming on. I think this lady is amazing and very easy to talk to.... thank you Honey x

Louise P

Facebook review

I had 2 sessions with Honey and found her to be really welcoming, compassionate and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable in the surrounding as she listened and worked at my pace. Would recommend

Ellie Black

Facebook review

I sought hypnotherapy from Honey after following her on Facebook for a while. She was extremely helpful when I initially contacted her and sent me a video clip explaining thoroughly what to expect. When I had my appointment Honey made me feel very welcome and relaxed immediately, my session was 2 hours which appeared to fly by, I felt completely safe and relaxed throughout the hypnosis. When I left I had mixed feelings on how successful it would be.
It has been a complete success and I would thoroughly recommend Honey as a hypnotherapist.

Jane Duncan

Facebook review

This lady is amazing..6 months ago she sent me an MP3 for my son..today he got his gcse results..5b and 3 c grades !! Exceeded all limits with the help of hypnotherapy !! Thank you from the bottom of my herat x

Marc Young

Facebook review

I've used Honey's Motivate guided session and it was great. Relaxing and motivating at the same time!

Shelley Fishel

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I recently had 5 sessions of hypnotherapy with Honey. Honey totally put me at my ease and I was able to fully relax. In addition to the hypnosis I've been given a whole range of tools as part of my 'maintenance pack' to use at home on a daily basis and others for emergency use if I'm having a wobble, or a particularly stressful day. Honey is very down to earth, genuine and really cares about supporting her clients. Not only that but she also explains everything really well too, so you can understand how it works. I'd definitely recommend Honey. I felt totally comfortable and very safe with her.

Julie Shepherd

Facebook review

I have recently taken part in a program ran by Honey after being cyber friends with her for a couple of years. The challenge didn't dissapoint. As part of a group we were working on our whole wellbeing and relationship with food. From sugar cravings to emotional eating and covering self love and acceptance of our bodies and their abilities.The course was enlightening and delivered in a professional but very accessable way.
Honey has a wealth of knowledge and her message is always clear and valid. She ensures that the client has realistic expectations and the support she offers is second to none. Honey has the well-being of her clients at the fore and ensures delivery of a service that is of the highest standard.

Elaine Mitchell

Facebook review

I've just completed some work with Honey. She was very engaging and encouraging. I particularly enjoyed the remote hypnotherapy sessions she did, I found her voice and tone to be very soothing and relaxing. She is very knowledgeable and supportive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my friends.

Lucy Gyford

Facebook review

Honey is amazing. I can't recommend her highly enough. So easy to talk to and she gets it straightaway. I have never been to a Hypotherapist before but this has 100% worked for me as a therapy and now I can't stop singing her praises. We've worked together as a team and it was a fantastic experience.

Sarah Yelling

Facebook review

Thank god for Honey wonderful lady. Honey has helped my get through some serious problems, she is very supportive and helpful with sorting out the negative thoughts that run through your head. 5 stars is just not enough!!

Julie Cheesman

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Honey is an excellent hypnotherapist and supportive group host.
Her weight loss programme coupled with personalised hypnotherapy was fantastic for me. I lost almost a stone in 6 weeks and felt fabulous as a result.
Highly recommended and enjoyable course ❤️

Carla Bristol

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Working with Honey is a real pleasure, she is really supportive, informative and helpful. I've just completed a weight loss plan with Honey and it was great, a really supportive bunch of ladies, some fab recipes which I'm using all the time, a weekly challenge but one that makes you think about things. If you get an opportunity to work with Honey then do it, you won't regret it!

Jane Davidson

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I've worked with Honey a few times for issues related to eating and also to feeling successful overall. She is FABULOUS to work with! I just did her Healthy Eating Challenge and it covered EVERYTHING one needs: mindset, motivation, AND making yummy foods! I highly recommend working with Honey!

Susan Ellis-Saller

Facebook review

Amazing experience and Honey is so good at making the positives coming from within. Honey is so supportive every step along the way.

Sue Adkin

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Amazing. I would definitely recommend Honey. She puts you at ease and helped me gain the understanding and confidence I needed to take that next step in my career.

Sharon Pullen
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