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Frequently asked questions about Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state you enter many times a day. It means your subconscious mind is in a focused state of attention. Hypnosis relaxes your conscious mind allowing for beneficial suggestions to enter your unconscious mind to make the changes you desire. It is a pleasant feeling and is completely safe with no side effects.

Why does Hypnotherapy work?

If you have tried to fix an issue on your own and not succeeded you will know how hard it is. This is because you will have tried to fix the issue with your conscious mind (which is where will power is). But the change may not stick because the unconscious mind (the greater part of your mind) has not been involved. Many people try Councelling, CBT, Psychotherapy, groups or sheer will-power to fix their issue but it simply isn’t enough. Something in your unconscious hasn’t ‘clicked’ and you are stuck. Hypnotherapy seeks co-operation from your unconscious mind and change happens much more easily and quickly with your whole mind committed to change.

What can Hypnosis help with?

Hypnotherapy can be used in two ways. To remove things we don’t want or to give us things that we do. Some of the things you don’t want might include unwanted habits like binge eating, stress and anxiety or addictions such as smoking and sugar.

Some of things you do want might be confidence, better sleep, help with interviews, exams, study or sporting performance. One of the best uses of Hypnotherapy I offer is to help with anxiety and depression which is more in your control than you could ever imagine.

There are many emotions that can sabotage your happiness or ability to function well but the most common are overwhelm, guilt, fear, insecurity, self-doubt, worry, hopelessness, inadequacy and low self-esteem.

How many sessions are needed?

With the integrated techniques that I use, you will feel better from the first session. A few sessions can replace weeks, months or years of therapy. Please book a free 15 minute consultation so I can advise you for your specific requirements.

How confidential is the treatment?

Trust is absolutely key to my work. The content of your sessions and personal details are strictly confidential and you can have complete confidence.

Can someone get stuck in a Hypnotic state? 

No. You are in control at all times and can come out at any time you wish.

Do people reveal their secrets whilst in Hypnosis? 

No. You will not reveal anything that you don’t want to, you are always in control and aware.

Does everyone respond to Hypnotherapy?

Some people are more open to hypnosis than others. If you allow hypnosis and feel comfortable with your hypnotherapist, there is no reason why this form of therapy will not work for you.

How long does a Hypnotherapy session last? 

A general hypnotherapy session will last approximately 1 hour, however a smoking cessation session can be up to 2 hours. Many of my clients opt for the 4 hour complete package I offer and take this over 2 sessions of 2 hours which works brilliantly.

Is Hypnosis available online?

If you feel I am the right therapist for you, but location is an issue, we can work together online. This means you can be anywhere in the world. All therapies are just as effective online.

Online therapy is nice because it has the advantage of you being very comfortable because you can be in your own home.  There is also no travel time so it works really well for busy people and shift workers. It’s an easy and convenient way to access therapy where ever you may be.

You can have your session if you are travelling on business, from home or anywhere suitable. Some people from other countries just prefer an English therapist and people in high profile or celebrity positions may not wish to be seen in public.

Housebound clients looking for pain relief benefit greatly from OldPain2Go pain elimination sessions online.

For a successful online session you need:

  • Privacy and no interruptions
  • A comfortable area to sit or lie down
  • A good internet connection
  • Access to a computer, tablet or phone
  • An appointment with Honey Lansdowne

Will Hypnosis work online?

I use a blend of many therapies in a way that you just know that it works! Hypnosis works perfectly online as it is primarily a talking therapy.

Is Telephone Therapy available?

Yes, you can book a telephone therapy session here

Other questions?

If your question isn’t answered here, please do get in touch There is no such thing as a silly question and I would love to hear from you.