It’s no wonder you may be feeling symptoms of stress. Life is busy isn’t it? Home, work, relationships, children, money and all the other stuff.  But being busy doesn’t always equate to stress. Being busy can actually give you energy, especially if you are enjoying the things you are doing.

When a task becomes too much to handle, that can cause stress symptoms. Targets you can’t reach, a workload you couldn’t finish if you worked 24/7 or a house so untidy you feel like you just want to empty it all into a skip and start again.

You see even though stress presents symptoms, stress is the symptom of something else. Stress is a blanket term we used when we are:

  • Out of control
  • Out of line with our values
  • Overwhelmed
  • In conflict 

Feeling stressed a lot of the time or often is not good for you

Frequently feeling stressed is a biggy because it can make you feel like life is too difficult to cope with and really take the wind out of your sails. It can make the most capable people feel weak and vunerable. It can be difficult to see a way out or to muster the strength to pull through. Triggers for stress are different for everyone but include:

  • Caring for parents
  • Relationship problems with partner
  • Parenting
  • Problems with friendships
  • Problems at work
  • Health issues
  • Money problems
  • The past
  • Lack of direction


Write a list of what makes you feel stressed:

Make a list of things that make you feel stressed out. The answers might surprise you. Just get them all out of your head. Once you have your list try to label the things that make you feel stressed and how they make you feel. It might look something like this:

Cause of stressMakes me feel 
Arguments with partnerAngry
Unrealistic deadline at workAngry
Travel for workTired
Children’s behaviourAngry


You will see from the example that the main feeling is angry. Anger puts the body under strain.  Your energy is likely to suffer and you will probably be less productive and achieve less.  The feelings of anger will ripple throughout your life. Anger can be built up over time but the good news is it can be eased and make a massive difference to your whole life once you have learned how to control it.

You are not alone. A lot of people feel like this but with help you can learn strategies to feel different. As a hypnotherapist, I can help you understand your feelings and alleviate any feelings of anger, sadness, depression or anxiety. 


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