Healthy eating – day 6 – a day in the life of guest blogger Rachel Linstead

Our fifth guest blogger is Rachel Linstead who is an expert in workplace health, wellbeing & positive cultures at Firecracker. Here Rachel shares a day in her life and what she eats.

Start the day with CrossFit

Well my day tends to start pretty early most days around 5.30am as 6 out of 7 days I get up with the larks to do exercise; my exercise of choice is CrossFit which I do 3/4 times a week, I also do interval training at the same place as I do CrossFit twice a week and then do a long run once a week!!

I tend to exercise on an empty stomach as this works well for me but I do take pre-workout 30 minutes before I exercise, this is caffeine based and helps to kick start my body into exercise, during the workout I used branch chain amino acid drink and straight afterwards I have a whey based protein shake made with whole milk.

smoothie bowl

Once home around 8am I usually make myself a smoothie bowl with yogurt, homemade berry compote, ground nuts & seeds and desiccated coconut and sometimes I add in a scoop of protein shake if the workout has been especially challenging and weight lifting focused.

Working from home

I work from home most of the time so also make myself a fresh filter coffee which I drink at my desk as I check my emails and catch up on news and alerts about food, nutrition and workplace health, this is also the time I plan my day ahead.

My breakfast tends to keep me going right through to lunch which I take at 1pm until 1.45pm when I sit and watch the national and local news.

thumbnail_Pulled Pork and sweet pot rosti

Lunch varies quite a lot but tends to be salad or soup based. At the moment I’m having roasted Mediterranean vegetables with some beans (Black eyed) and some mixed seeds. I make all my soups from scratch which tends to be things like roasted tomato and lentil or roasted butternut squash with smoked bacon and crème fraiche, these can be cooking while I work upstairs and then just blend them into a smooth soup.

Food nourishes my body

nourish your body

My thoughts around food is that is should be enjoyed for that it is – a life giver!! And celebrated rather than demonised. I believe all food is good and all food is bad and should be respected, it’s just all about how much of a certain food you eat, a little of everything does you no harm.

I try to eat as much variety as possible so that I’m giving my body a plethora of nutrients, vitamins and minerals so that it can function as well as it can.

As a qualified nutrition professional I try to educate people about how the body works and how food influences this, which helps them make informed choice rather than eliminating foods from their diet without knowing why!!

Energy for the afternoon

apple and cinnamon

My afternoon snack is often a small apple with some peanut butter or some dried fruit and nuts, not much but enough to keep me going until my evening meal.

Evening meals are small and light – meat with veggies and sweet potato wedges.

Bedtime snack

banana bedtime snack

If I’m exercising the following morning I will have a night time snack of peanut butter on oatcakes with some sliced banana, this helps my body relax due to the magnesium in the banana and I sleep better for it.

I tend to do food prep at the weekends and will always have soup, roasted vegetables and some kind of minced dish in my fridge so that I can quickly grab something.

Enjoy your food

don't feel guilty

The best advice I can give people is to enjoy food and never feel guilty about eating it!! Cake is good for the soul, just don’t have it every day.

A note from Honey….

Thank you Rachel for sharing a day in your life with us.

What this blog is:
  • This is a 30 day blog about health eating where different people will share their thoughts and experience
  • This is a non-judgmental place of inspiration
  • This is a place to learn, pick up tips and think about your own eating
What this blog isn’t:
  • This isn’t a weight loss plan. Although losing weight is often a by-product of eating a healthier diet! I do help people lose weight with Hypnotherapy but that is not the purpose of this blog.
  • It isn’t a place to feel regret about the situation of your health right now. Today is a chance to make changes!

Do you know what you are eating?

Yesterday’s product was Weetabix

Can you guess today’s product from it’s ingredients?


Ingredients 6.9.16


Let us know in the blog or facebook comments! I will let you know the answer here tomorrow.

Here’s the plan:

  • Read the blog each day. Get involved. comment, share your thoughts and wisdom
  • If you want to be accountable and use this as an opportunity to improve your diet and see how much better you can feel in just 30 days then go for it
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See you tomorrow.

Healthy hug 🙂



Honey Lansdowne is a successful Hypnotherapist in Worthing. She uses Hypnosis, NLP and 20 years coaching experience to help people overcome anxiety and depression in person and online.