Healthy eating day 8 – Guest blogger Jorge Vence asks why do people fail at dieting?

why do people fail at dieting

Why Do People Fail At Dieting?

How many people do you know who started a diet and “succeeded” for a while to then put ALL the weight back on and some? How many people do you know who yo-yo diet? The truth is I should be asking why do people fail at dieting?

If you have ever wondered why a lot of people fail at dieting, then you are in the right place.

For years I have had a particular interest in health and wellness and dieting, both from the fitness and culinary side of it, and nowadays from the business point of view too using vegan fitness and nutrition products!

I was a chef

Once upon a time I started my professional career as a chef, I have always loved cooking and eating for that matter; though, when I was studying to become a chef very little emphasis was made in healthy eating, in fact, it was all about the calories… and by that I mean how many calories you could add to a dish.

Truth be told, I struggled a little because when you work in a kitchen you either eat a lot or eat nothing, you are dehydrated and you end up drinking a lot (and yep it isn’t water what you drink a lot of!)

So, needless to say that I know what it is like to have a few extra pounds and struggling to get rid of them…

I got into nutrition

Then, when I changed from catering to management I discovered fitness and I developed an interest in nutrition and I used my culinary skills to help me develop nutritious and yet delicious dishes without much or no guilt…

fail at dieting

Even then I struggled a bit, because I was not addressing the real cause as to why I was overeating and finding excuses to not commit to my wellness…

Then, I became an applied psychology practitioner and trainer where I was able to put it all together and make sense of it all! You might be thinking and saying out loud, just get to it and tell us why do people fail at dieting…

The reason why people fail at dieting is because they are focusing on the external factors, i.e. dieting (food) and exercising (physical), and forget about the most important asset we possess, our mind.

When I was growing up I remember hearing the following quote over and over and over again, “a healthy mind in a healthy body” from the Latin Mens sana in corpore sano, and to be honest I never got it! Not till later in life, anyway…

The law of attraction

If we reverse this quote and say a healthy body in a healthy mind is equally as effective, if not more powerful… I am sure you are familiar with the phrase “mind over matter”, and “be careful what you wish for”, and The Law of Attraction, etc.

What all this phrases have in common is the mind, the mind is a generator and not just any generator, but THE generator, it generates our thoughts that shape our ideas, that shape our actions, that shape our behaviours, that shape our identity and what we do and ultimately who we become.

Going to back to why people fail is because they focus their attention on food and exercising and not their thoughts and feelings about food. These people, and I include myself, forget that we can control our actions and before we can do that we must understand our thoughts around food and health, this is possible when we understand why eat what we eat.

Why do we eat some foods?

people fail at dieting

Do we eat cake because of its taste? Do we eat it because of its texture? Is it linked to a memory? Is it the way it looks? Is it because we just want it? Is it because it tells us to eat it? Can you see you how there are many reasons as to why we eat some foods? Are you failing at dieting? Have you been struggling and battling with weight loss for a while?

Ask yourself the following question:

Do I control what I eat or does the food control me and my life?

Be honest, and if you feel that food controls you, it is very likely that you need to work on your mind and mindset about food and eating.

Thank you so much for your time and reading this blog post and please do not forget to mind your mind and your thoughts because in the end we become our thoughts.

Till next time,


PS, I will be writing a blog post about addictions and guiding stars (which will blow your mind) in the coming weeks and if you’d like to read just visit my blogging site and follow me.

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