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Are you supporting your employee’s mental health?

Mental health is high on most the agenda for most companies in 2024. Do you need some support with yours? 

This service is perfect for businesses who want to show their staff that they care.

How Honey Lansdowne can help:

By delivering mental health 101 talks (Honey is a mental health first aider with autism, mental health, mindfulness training)

By delivering one to one therapeutic coaching  

By delivering interactive workshops on mental health

By delivering mindfulness sessions 

By providing wellbeing resources for self-help

What is on offer for business services?

Each package is bespoke to each company and it’s staff. You can start with something simple like a talk or workshop about wellbeing at work or some mindfulness sessions. 

Or invest more fully by providing individual sessions for staff or an online mental health platform for your staff to access at work, at home, or both. 

How do I discuss my company's requirements?

Please book a free discovery call and let’s talk about your company and the people that help you do great business.

When will I start to see changes?

Times are changing and there are more conversations about wellbeing and mental health in the workplace. 

I’m a trained mental health first aider and what we see in companies is a real need and a willingness for staff to think about their wellbeing. 

When people come to work, they don’t leave part of themselves at home! They are there as their whole self and they staff with companies that invest in their wellbeing really appreciate it. 

It’s a sound investment for the right reasons.


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Get your workbook now

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