Hypnotherapy Treatments


Anxiety can really affect day to day life for sufferers. It can be unbearable but it is relatively easy to treat. Once people are anxiety free they can live their lives without constraints.

Children’s Issues

Childhood issues can mean that children are held back or their happiness is affected. I work with children and teenagers on a variety of issues.


Confidence can carry you through life with more ease. Confidence issues range from not being able to speak up for yourself when you need to, not having the confidence to grasp the opportunities you want in life, not having the confidence to find a partner, not having the confidence to have the life you really want… Anyone’s confidence can be boosted with hypnosis.


Depression can stop people going out, affect their relationships and drag them into being a different person to the ‘real’ them. Many people suffering from depression are prescribed medication and can stay on medication for many years or even permanently when there is an alternative. Hypnosis can lift depression and bring about a brighter life without medication.

Phobias and Fears

Phobias and fears can control lives. Whether it’s injections, flying, driving, animals or anything else. These things can be cured. Permanently.

Sleep Problems

The effect of poor sleep is poor quality of life. Being tired can make for miserable days. Sometimes people do all the right things to help themselves sleep but to no avail. Hypnosis is a good treatment for sleep problems because if there is an underlying concern, it can address it and if there isn’t, it can focus on bringing about a relaxed state of mind before sleep so sleep comes more easily, is better quality and lasts longer.

Stop Smoking

Many people need help to stop smoking. Using Hypnotherapy to stop makes it easier because even though the benefits seem obvious, for some reason they are still not enough to get people to stop on their own. Hypnotherapy puts the benefits for stopping deep in the subconcious which makes the willpower stick. Stop smoking is carried out in one session. You come in a smoker and leave a non smoker.

Stress Relief

They call stress ‘the silent killer’. Often, stress builds up over time and people don’t realise how bad it has got until they start to unwind. How tense their shoulders are, how full their minds are, how they’ve forgotten how to enjoy themselves. Hypnosis is an amazing treatment for stress. It brings about calm breathing, a relaxed body and mind and a real sense that all is well and provides a new ability to cope.

Sugar Free

Many people have a sweet tooth but sugar is highly addictive and has little nutritional value. When sugar is consumed, it raises blood sugar levels. When the blood sugar drops, it causes tiredness and often more sugar is consumed and the cycle starts again. My unique combined Hypnotherapy and NLP treatment stops you eating sugary foods, regulates your energy levels and results in weight loss.

Weight Loss

There are a number of reasons why people put on weight or find it difficult to lose weight and keep it off without help. Hypnotherapy is often one of the last resorts and the most successful.

I offer ‘hypno gastric band’ which convinces the body that a gastric band has been fitted and controls eating on a long-term basis.

I also offer traditional weight loss hypnotherapy which explores reasons for overeating and resolves them.