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The secrets of slim people

woman eating Macdonalds chips

If you have ever wondered what the secrets of slim people are, your questions might be answered tonight in a show called ‘The truth about slim people’ The truth about slim people We will get to see how two people; Anne-Marie and Yemi, manage to stay slim despite it seems eating whatever they like, whenever they like. […]

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How fermented food helps your health

Kefir grains

Many people don’t realise how fermented food helps your health but there is an ‘underground’ society of people that do and this movement is getting stronger 🙂 I’ve been into probiotics for some time and have always wanted to learn how to make my own fermented foods like kefir, sourdough bread, sauerkraut and the fermeted drink, Kombucha. And recently […]

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5 great smoothie recipes you’ll want to try

5 smoothies you'll want to try

5 great smoothie recipes you’ll want to try Earlier this week I blogged about easy ways to eat more healthily. One of the suggestions was by having smoothies. Before we look at 5 nutritious smoothie recipes, let’s cover some smoothie basics. The reason healthy eating interests me is I am  a Hypnotherapist so I work […]

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8 ways to eat more healthy food very easily

healthy food

8 ways to eat more healthy food very easily It’s about that time when new year resolutions to eat more healthily might be getting tougher. You know what I mean don’t you? January 5th you were eating salads for lunch and now the sandwiches are creeping back in. You were ‘being good’ but now the […]

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Did you get a fit-bit for Christmas?

woman exercising

Did you get a fit-bit for Christmas? ‘They’ say we should be doing 10,000 a steps a day to be healthy. If you got a fit-bit for Christmas, it will count your steps each day and you might be looking for ways to increase your activity. Maybe you’ve joined a gym or bought an exercise DVD […]

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How to reduce your sugar intake in 3 easy steps

tea with 2 sugars

Before we look at how to reduce your sugar intake, let’s look at how many products have sugar in them. Sugar is addictive and not particularly good for us and has become a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing! I just typed ‘sugar’ into the search box of a well known supermarket online grocery store out […]

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