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Mental health – 10 reasons to talk about it

Mental Health First Aid

Your mental health is the most important thing in your life. Seriously. Losing it could really mess your life up. But like most issues, it really helps as a society to open up more about mental health and support each other. Here are ten good reasons why we should talk about mental health. 1 – […]

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Mental Health – Help for teenagers

Teenage girl

So as a Hypnotherapist working with people’s mental health on a regular basis, I had a real choice of things to write about before I settled on this Mental Health – Help for teenagers title. I’m not going to bombard you with stats about Mental Health in this post because you will know if your teenager […]

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Do employers care about your mental health?

Health is Wealth

Your mental health – How much do you honestly think your employer cares about it? Do you feel that they care more about business results than the mental health of the people they manage? I was motivated to think about this question and write this post as a result of another blog post I saw. A woman that […]

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