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Which is best for you? Hypnotherapy or Counselling?

Depressed woman having counselling

Hypnotherapy or counselling for anxiety and depression you may be wondering. Maybe you are someone who has had an issue your whole life or maybe an issue has cropped up for you more recently and are you now considering getting help. Maybe you know you don’t ‘feel right’or you’ve had a trauma at some stage […]

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What is the difference between hypnotherapy and mindfulness?

Tibetan singing bowl for mindfulness

I’m often asked about the question ‘what’s the difference between hypnotherapy and mindfulness?’ when I am doing presentations or self-hypnosis workshops. They do have some similarities but really are very different. Although I’m happy to explain the difference, I much prefer to demonstrate and encourage people to have the experience because the practical of both […]

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Why you need Hypnosis in your life

Subconcious mind

You may never have considered why you need Hypnosis in your life so please let me explain. For many people Hypnosis is a last resort, but I really wish it would catch on like Mindfulness has because so many people could be less troubled and have better lives. What is Hypnotherapy? Now,  I’m a Hypnotherapist who […]

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The life changing secrets of Hypnotherapy

change your thoughts

The life changing secrets of Hypnotherapy It’s big thing to say change you can change peoples lives. Surgeons can say it, the people at lottery HQ can say it and maybe Apple can say it! But why can a Hypnotherapist say it?! It’s unlikely that everyone makes it through life without encountering some sort of […]

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