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Celebrities that have used hypnosis

Let me share which Celebrities that have used hypnosis to help with various issues. I actually made a video about it which you can watch below. Which celebrities have had hypnosis?Watch this video on YouTube Which celebrities have had hypnosis? In this post, I thought I’d talk about celebrities that have used hypnosis and why […]

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How a self-hypnosis workshop could help you

self hypnosis workshop

You may be curious to find out what self-hypnosis is and you might wonder if it’s something that you could do? Self hypnosis is the ultimate self help tool for dealing with anxiety and depression, releasing worries and negative thinking and working towards your dreams, goals and ambitions in a safe way.  Do you sometimes […]

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What you can achieve in one hour of Hypnosis

One hour sandtimer

I thought you might want to know what you can achieve in one hour of Hypnosis, so here we go. When I refer to ‘Hypnotherapy’ here I am talking about the advanced Hypnotherapy I offer, along with other therapies like NLP and tapping. I weave these together in the best way for you so you get the […]

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What does Hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis experience

A question I am asked a lot is what does Hypnosis feel like?  And I answer that it is different for everyone. How Hypnosis might feel I remember my first Hypnotic experience during an NLP course some years ago. I closed my eyes and was encouraged to connect with myself inside and I had a […]

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