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How to ease anxious thoughts that affect sleep

Man in bed having anxious thoughts

Anxious thoughts that affect sleep are quite common for anxious people. It’s almost like the worries of the day are whizzing around in your mind along with the worries about tomorrow. This can make you feel edgy at bedtime and affect your ability to fall asleep or stay asleep. A good technique for offloading these […]

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Why Psy-TaP is the fastest treatment for anxiety


I’ve been treating clients with anxiety for years so feel well placed to explain why Psy-TaP is the fastest treatment for anxiety. I use Hypnosis and NLP, but now I use Psy-TaP too. Many of my clients issues are related to anxiety and I now believe I have the most effective blend of treatments possible. Meet Psy-TaP (Psycho-Sensory Techniques […]

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Are you hiding your symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety symptoms

People will go to great lengths to ‘hide’ their issues. A lot of people are secret eating. Hiding food in their homes, desk at work and car. Eating it when there is no one around, knowing they don’t want to be doing that but they say they are unable to stop themselves. Then there are people suffering from […]

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How to feel less anxious in times of uncertainty


If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you might find yourself worrying more during times of uncertainty like Coronavirus. Lots of my clients are feeling anxious or depressed due to various issues that Covid is presenting. Any uncertainity can challenge our feelings of safety and security but a pandemic can really test us to the […]

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Can you guess how many people have social anxiety?

woman with social anxiety

Can you guess how many people have social anxiety? Many people with problems like depression, and anxiety worry that they are odd in some way or in the minority, but it is said that one in three people suffers from depression and one in four has anxiety at any time in life. And social anxiety […]

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Is your anxiety causing panic attacks?

panic attack

Have you ever had a panic attack? It’s surprising how hidden you can keep anxiety and panic attacks. You could be suffering terribly and yet people wouldn’t know. This is usually because you will have developed a strategy to avoid panic attacks or hide your anxiety. Quite often suffering in silence leads to depression. And this […]

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