The nurture list for busy women


The nurture list for busy women We hear it a lot us busy women. Learn to relax. Take care of you first so you can care for others. Have a nice bubble bath with candles and you will feel brand new. Now I am not saying that bubble baths aren’t lovely. They can be. But I […]

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Who has your six?


Who has your six? ‘In the army they have a phrase ‘who has your six’ which means who has your back. It’s because 12 o’clock is front and 6 o’clock is back. This is important in the army where your job is literally life and death and you need to have complete trust in those around […]

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If you dread going to work today – try this

Hate my job

If you dread going to work today – try this There are a lot of life coaches telling you to follow your dreams, do the work you love and get paid loads for doing it. Work to live, not live to work they say. This is an exciting prospect. There are also lots of coaches […]

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