What does Hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis experience

A question I am asked a lot is what does Hypnosis feel like?  And I answer that it is different for everyone. How Hypnosis might feel I remember my first Hypnotic experience during an NLP course some years ago. I closed my eyes and was encouraged to connect with myself inside and I had a […]

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Why self-care is more than a Spa Day

Spa Day

Self-care is a hot topic and the Spa is a booming industry but I want to  explain why self-care is more than a Spa Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Spa and once spent a week at Champneys! But the point I want to make in this blog is that twofold. Firstly, self-care is different things to […]

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Why Psy-TaP is the fastest treatment for anxiety


I’ve been treating clients with anxiety for years so feel well placed to explain why Psy-TaP is the fastest treatment for anxiety. I use Hypnosis and NLP, but now I use Psy-TaP too. Many of my clients issues are related to anxiety and I now believe I have the most effective blend of treatments possible. Meet Psy-TaP (Psycho-Sensory Techniques […]

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Mental Health – Help for teenagers

Teenage girl

So as a Hypnotherapist working with people’s mental health on a regular basis, I had a real choice of things to write about before I settled on this Mental Health – Help for teenagers title. I’m not going to bombard you with stats about Mental Health in this post because you will know if your teenager […]

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Why you need Hypnosis in your life

Subconcious mind

You may never have considered why you need Hypnosis in your life so please let me explain. For many people Hypnosis is a last resort, but I really wish it would catch on like Mindfulness has because so many people could be less troubled and have better lives. What is Hypnotherapy? Now,  I’m a Hypnotherapist who […]

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