How increasing confidence can help overcome anxiety

Woman standing in the sea increasing confidence can help overcome anxiety

It can feel difficult to think about increasing confidence when you have anxiety But it’s a bit like what came first the chicken or the egg in that you could fix the anxiety first or work on your confidence levels first. They are closely interlinked. As confidence and self esteem plummets, anxiety increases. Or as […]

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Celebrities that have used hypnosis

Let me share which Celebrities that have used hypnosis to help with various issues. I actually made a video about it which you can watch below. Which celebrities have had hypnosis?Watch this video on YouTube Which celebrities have had hypnosis? In this post, I thought I’d talk about celebrities that have used hypnosis and why […]

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Which is best for you? Hypnotherapy or Counselling?

Depressed woman having counselling

Hypnotherapy or counselling for anxiety and depression you may be wondering. Maybe you are someone who has had an issue your whole life or maybe an issue has cropped up for you more recently and are you now considering getting help. Maybe you know you don’t ‘feel right’or you’ve had a trauma at some stage […]

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How to reduce your sugar intake in 3 easy steps

Sugar cubes showing why you should think about reduce your sugar intake in 3 easy steps

Reducing your sugar intake in 3 easy steps is easier than you might think. Sugar is addictive and not particularly good for you. Food producers are experts at disguising sugar with other names so we are not always aware of how much we are eating. There has been a 60% increase in diabetes in the […]

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How healthy eating affects your mood

Healthy eating for many is an erratic thing. But it really pays if you suffer from low mood to try and be consistent in your efforts to maintain a healthy diet. We are physical, mental and spiritual beings and it’s nice to nourish all these parts of ourselves, but often we drop the ball on […]

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What is the difference between hypnotherapy and mindfulness?

Tibetan singing bowl for mindfulness

I’m often asked about the question ‘what’s the difference between hypnotherapy and mindfulness?’ when I am doing presentations or self-hypnosis workshops. They do have some similarities but really are very different. Although I’m happy to explain the difference, I much prefer to demonstrate and encourage people to have the experience because the practical of both […]

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