Start a new exciting career in hypnosis

You really can become a hypnotherapist and learn hypnosis from     scratch with the online training videos, then 5 days in person training in Worthing, West Sussex.

    I guarantee you can leave the classroom on day 5 ready for your first client.  

    This training includes 6 weeks business coaching after your training. 

   This is the best value and complete hypnotherapy training on the market today. 

Learn hypnosis from an experienced hypnotherapist, Honey Lansdowne.

Imagine yourself experiencing 5 interesting and exciting days, making new friends and learning new skills which will change your life. 

Monthly payment plans available.

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This is modern hypnosis training. You will leave the classroom able to  help people immediately. 

Did you know that many people take hypnosis training, and yet don’t feel able to see clients straight away?

This is because dealing with a real life client is very different to learning the theory!

Most new hypnotherapists lack confidence and feel they need more training before they’re ready to start start seeing clients.

They often do more training (and spend more time & money) so they feel ready to deal with real clients.

My training is a fast track way to get the confidence you need to be an amazing therapist, giving you:

  • The secrets of the client processes that I use in my business.
  • Key strategies for identifying the best ways to help your clients.
  • The best hypnotic techniques that really make a difference to people’s lives.
  • The knowledge to ease your client into the optimum state to give them the changes they seek.
  • Lots of practice of tried and tested techniques.
  • Knowledge, skills and confidence.

You will practice techniques a lot of the course so you leave completely confident on how to help your clients, friends and family.   

This hypnosis training is everything you need to learn hypnosis and start your hypnotherapy business right away.

If you are brand new to hypnosis, or even therapy, this course will leave you with no doubt that you can help people.

Many hypnotherapy training courses teach script based hypnosis which means they get nervous when the situation doesn’t fit the script and they lack confidence to go ‘freestyle’.

The style of this training is conversational, meaning its personalised to each client to help them acheive the changes they seek.

Learning this style of hypnosis will transform you as a person, making you more confident in every way. Which is great for your life and for your therapy business!

Imagine the job satisfaction you will have when you do work that is meaningful and helps others. 

You will be learning the techiques I was taught personally by Martin Castor Peterson from The Hypno Academy. These techniques have been built on 20 years of top level hypnotic and NLP mastery. Once you have learnt them you will be a confident hypnotist.

You’ll be supported every step of the way and will receive coaching and feedback throughout.

You’ll be able to help people with: 






Weight Loss


Stop Smoking







The techniques you will learn will give you confidence to deal with all issues that clients seek help with.

You will be a versatile and confident therapist with solid techniques which bring change to your clients’ lives.

Learn Modern Hypnosis in 5 Days in Worthing, West Sussex, UK, with Honey Lansdowne. And also receive 6 weeks online support after the course on how to start and grow your therapy business.

You will be ISAHt Certified

The International Society of Advanced Hypnotherapists covers Hypnosis, NLP and other modalities of therapy worldwide, as long as the standards and ethics are of the highest level.

You will be ISAHt certified and membership in included in your package. 

The ISAHt certification means you can get cetified by NGH, IHF, ICBCH, ACHE and IACT who are all leading organisations in the field of global hypnosis.   

A qualification that means you can start your therapy business straight away

You will leave this course confident and competent in Hypnotherapy and be able to start seeing clients straight away.

With the pre and post course support, you will have a great support network before you even get started.

Online training material that you can access anytime

You will get lifetime access to pre recorded videos in an online training portal from The Hypno Academy.

You’ll get access to additional training material from The Hypnotherapy Academy. 

You’ll get a full manual during your face to face training. 

6 weeks post training support

Because you will be a confident hypnotherapist as soon as you are trained, you will be able to start seeing clients straight away.

You will have access to direct online support from Honey Lansdowne for 6 weeks after your training. She will help you start and grow your business the right way. 

You will learn everything you need to know about hypnosis to do great work with clients including....

Induction techniques – How to create hypnosis 

Trance – What it is, how to recognise it, how to use it and how to safetly end it

Trance levels– Understanding of brain waves, levels and trance functions.

Rapport – Creating trust, authority and understanding and using the verbal and non-verbal language of your client

Reframing – Getting resources from all negative or limited experiences and/or beliefs

Release techniques – Obtaining physical or physiological releases for instant results that enhance the client’s ability for change work

Deepening techniques – Maintaining and working with trance throughout the entire session

Hypnotic Flow – Creating your own flow, resourceful communication and focus to secure better success

Anchors & triggers– Creating kinesthetic anchors and triggers for stronger impacts, convincers and power within the session and after.

The Hypnotic Bridge –Using this tool to ensure that you can navigate towards success no matter where you are – and always move forward.

Pretalk & communication techniques –Leading your clients directly to cause, reason and resources without limits or false beliefs or memories.

Castorian Collapse –Releasing any trauma including PTSD and heavy memories and converting them to resources without knowing anything or taking your client into the emotions of the trauma.

Dreamself-technique– Using the ultimate “Get Success” finale in every session by testing all results on conscious and unconscious levels before your client wakes up.

Body language –Reading and influencing non verbally and exceeding what most people do – to bring that extra dynamic dimension to your sessions – and learning how to create change at any point in any conversation.

Therapeutic techniques– Learn therapeutic techniques that help you take care of the most common client problems effectively. Most of the techniques taught are unique to this course and are based on over 20 years exprience and hundreds of client success stories. 




This hypnosis certification course is incredible value


When I trained as a hypnotherapist years ago, my first course left me unclear abut which techniques to use and when.

I knew the techniques, but I lacked a deep understanding of what I was doing and why. I had to go on a lots of courses and spend a lot of money to fill in the blanks!

As soon as I trained in the techniques I am going to teach you on this course, I realised this course had everything someone would need to be a confident and competant hypnotherapist. 

The techniques have a unique balance of impact for creating change. Due to the level of discussion and practice on the 5 day course, you will be left with no doubt how to do them.

You are getting the combined experience of myself as a practicing hypnotherapist with 20 years coaching experience. Along with the 20 years experience of Martin Castor Peterson who has created the material for the course. So you are getting the benefit of 40 years of combined experience!


6 weeks post course business support 

Make the most of this support which will help ramp your business up really quickly.


Facebook community with other trainees

Your ready made business buddies will be with you in the facebook group, to share experiences and ideas.


Lifetime access to online content

You have online access to World Class content from The Hypno Academy. 

About your certified hypnotherapy trainer, Honey Lansdowne

Honey has been coaching people for 20 years. An experienced NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist she works with clients as their ‘whole self’.

Honey has a deep rooted belief that everyone has the ability to unlock magic inside themselves if they choose to. Coupled with a ‘you can’ attitude, she is taking her students to the next level in Hypnosis training.

Honey sought out the highest available standard of Hypnosis training to bring to her students and trained in the US to bring this amazing Modern Hypnosis Training to you in the UK.

Honey is West Sussex based but works with clients around the World online. You can see what people say about Honey’s work here.

If you have ever wondered about become a therapist or hypnotherapist, this course will give you the skills and confidence you need to help people and have a successful business

Here’s what this course will give you for a very reasonable investment (with payment plan available):


Confidence! In yourself and your abilities


A certification to be a hypnotherapist


The confidence and competence to start your business from the very moment that you pass the course


Access to The Hypno Academy World Class Training online


The benefit of 40 years experience from Honey Lansdowne and Martin Castor Peterson


Confidence! In yourself and your abilities


The opportunity to experience great hypnosis and make changes in your own life


The support and encouragement to tap into your own brilliance


New friends and colleagues


5 days in lovely Worthing, West Sussex, UK by the sea


6 weeks support post course to help you get up and running


Skills to help your friends and family


A new interest that will start you on an exciting journey


The opportunity to change your life


A new fulfilling career


The chance to help people change their lives

Everything you need to be a confident hypnotherapist

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The course location – the fabulous Ardington Hotel, Worthing, West Sussex. UK

The Ardington is a contemporary hotel, privately owned and managed by the same family since 1928.  Right in the heart of the town centre, 100 metres from the promenade.  It has it’s own Indigo restaurant which serves great local Seafood and is surrounded by good restaurants in Worthing including a previous masterchef winner’s restaurant.

Your training will take place in a modern room with plenty of natural light and comfortable surroundings to relax in during breaks and after class. 

Special room rates have been agreed for students that wish to stay in the hotel for some or all nights for the duration of the training. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone learn hypnosis?

I would say that most people can learn hypnosis, it’s a natural state we enter many times a day.

To be a really good hypnotherapist you need good communication skills, some creativity, compassion for others and to be able to act with the best intention for your client at all time. Most of these soft skills can be developed also.

And you need great hypnosis training and you are in the right place for that!

What can hypnotherapy be used for?

Most people you meet when you say you are a Hypnotherapist will say, ‘oh, can it help with x,y,z’. The answer is usually yes! All issues are created in the mind and so we solve them there too.

Most commonly you will help people with:



Weight Loss

Stop Smoking







Will this help me start a successful hypnotherapy business?

Yes! Honey Lansdowne runs a successful Hypnosis practice and has years of business experience coupled with a first class honours degree in marketing.

Honey will advise you on setting up your business, attracting clients and you have 6 weeks post support access to ask anything you want in the private Facebook group. Your success is my success, we work as a team an I will encourage this philosophy in the training.

Does it matter if I don't live in the UK?

The wonderful thing about England is for a small country it is very well served by airports! The nearesst to Worthing is Gatwick, you can literally get off the plane, get on a train (from in the airport) and the Ardington Hotel is a 10 minute walk from Worthing train station. If you prefer you can easily hire a car and get to the hotel within 40 minutes from Gatwick Airport (1.5 hours from Heathrow).

I think I may need hypnosis

You are welcome to book in a free consultation with me and if required we can work together privately before the training starts to clear anything you are concerned about. 

During the course you will get to experience hypnosis many times with me and your fellow trainees. I have found myself that after hypnosis trainings I feel extra good in every way. It’s a highly positive environment focussed on getting the best out of people. 

I have some questions

Great! I love answering questions and helping people get the information they need. 

Please book in and let’s chat and get those questions answered. 

Once you’ve signed up to the training you will enter a private Facebook group where you can ask away also!

Your training is with Honey Lansdowne and your Certification is underwritten by The Hypno Academy.

I carefully selected the very best content to train to my students and believe this to be the absolute best modern hypnosis material in the world. The trainers of this content are stringently measured and monitored to ensure they have the highest standard of ethics. 

You can be confident in your training and the support you will have. And your clients can be confident in you.

The material in your hypnotherapy course is from The Hypno Academy, which is a world leader in innovative training. They are well respected globally. 

The mind behind The Hypno Academy is Martin Castor Peterson a triple award-winning Master Trainer for hypnosis, Therapy, NLP and more. He has 20 years multifaceted experience, as does Honey. 


An astounding 98 percent of students are fully satisfied with their training or say that the training exceeded their expectations.


The Hypno Academy and our trainers are approved by many of the world’s largest and most respected organizations, and their content is proven to meet the highest standards.


All students get FREE access to the student forum – with over a hundred hours of videos, demos and additional instruction. You will always get your questions answered.

Train with me

I am confident that this training is everything a hypnotherapist could need to provide an amazing service to their clients and make positive changes in people’s lives, including their own!

I am 100% committed to helping you be successful, come and join us in October.

I can’t wait to meet you.

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